LIVE Eurovision 2021 Day 3 Rehearsals review

Today we continue first rehearsals for Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for 1st half of semi final 2 will try the Eurovision stage for first time

Scheduled timetable for today’s rehearsals and meet and greet

CountryTimePress Meet & Greet
San Marino10:00 – 10:3011:55 – 12:15
Estonia10:40 – 11:1012:35 – 12:55
Czech Republic11:20 – 11:5013:15 – 13:35
Greece12:00 – 12:3013:55 – 14:15
Break12:30 – 13:40
Austria13:40 – 14:1015:35 – 15:55
Poland14:20 – 14:5016:15 – 16:35
Moldova15:00 – 15:3016:55 – 17:15
Break15:30 – 16:00
Iceland16:00 – 16:3017:55 – 18:15
Serbia16:40 – 17:1018:35 – 18:55

Senhit starting alone with very interesting outfit of black and golden elbem with religious females images. The lightening in the beginning is blue. As song progresses she removed the head peace and she was wearing a black fur outfit just like in a show from Poland. The dancers are dressed in skin toned pink and with masks that cover their face and red shoes. There is stand in rapper for Flo Rida who raps/sings with her. In the second half we heard the back vocalists joined Senhit singing it. The LED background is colourful with pink yellow and more vibrant colours. During whole performance there was turning callipers where Senhit was standing at some point. At certain point it shows some small clips from musical video. They had pyro as well which was fire ball pyro at some points and at then at end it was big fireworks explosion. Vocally she was good but not executed perfectly but its reminder its just first rehearsal.

Later on we found out stand in rapper was Don Jiggy (you can fallow him on Instagram as well)

Senhit, San Marino, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Uku stars kneeling and background its a circle witch represents moon and some thunder lights. During the build up to chorus he stands up and we see some scenes of Uku drowning in wat On chorus we see standing him alone. The lights represents thunder. During the bridge LED floor turns into red watery and she is joined by backup singers. At the end the LED screens turned into black and red with thunders. The outfit is white and black with ”open” tie.

Uku Suviste, Estonia, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Benny starts alone in middle and he is joined with pre-recorded robotic 4 large LED lights, during the 1st part he walks up to stage and joins by 2 male dancers and 2 female dancers. dressed urban. LED Background is very modern but colourful kaleidoscope and blue and pink lightning. He is dressed with black pants, runner shoes and yellow glitter jack. The dancer shouts ”As long you are here”. Vocally he is struggling to deliver high notes. At end he is joined in 1 camera shot with his dancers.

Benny Cristo, Czech Republic, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Stefania starts alone with LED Screens pink smoked in galaxy. She is wearing purple glittered outfit. The lights is flashing straight. She uses green screen effect with dancer wearing white silk pants and white hoodie. Looks like 2 male dancers. The green screen is included we were able to see a modern city in the colours of grey, black and white on the LED screen . Later she is joined by another 2 male dancers wearing white silk suits. Towards the end, everyone is together on stage. Stefania climbs stairs on screen, much like Russia in 2016. The vibes remind a video clip and music from the 1980s with a modern flavour. Dominated colours are white, purple and grey. Build up the last chorus the lights turns into blue. Vocally she nailed every second of it.

Stefania, Greece, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Vincent starts alone with dark light and very bright light strikes in him. He walks up to stage As song progresses the staging open and the lights is stringing to the audience behind him and he is standing in middle with it. Last chorus there is golden and orange lights across him. At last second the stage turns into black again. The staging at end turns into golden lights. The whole performance the staging is play with lights and a lot of camera angles witch was zoom in and zoom out. Vocally he is straight on point and can deliver the high notes without the problem. He is wearing black shiny jacket with black suit.

Vincent Bueno, Austria, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Its starts with neon floors and then focuses on Rafal and his 4 male dancers. Everything is futuristic neon lights and some scenes of music video in LED Background. Dancers holding some light balls. At first seconds he used Steadicam to record himself while singing and then goes to normal. Rafal has the sunglasses but to the 2nd part of the song he removes them. The move to smaller stage and he stands behind the dancers and then slowly move in the circle and out the circle. Then slowly walks up to bigger stage. He uses all the arena. At last part of the song he puts sunglasses back. On LED we see in neon letters Rafal ”The Ride” and Warsaw. Dominant colours was purple, pink, light blue and red. At end there was flashing pyro from the stage. Rafal is wearing black suit and 4 male dancers is wearing white sporty suits. Vocally he was offkey.

RAFAŁ, Poland, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Natalia is started sitting on dancer and she is joined by 4 male dancers wearing black suited without shirts and sunglasses. She is wearing shiny silver dress. The LED Background is chess like pink and blue neon lights. She is on platform dancing. Vocally she is great. On 2nd part of the song is like illusion on that platform. She is middle of the dancers and then the dancers off. On bridge and build up to end the LED screens turns into dark pink. Vocally she was great but struggled with high notes.

Natalia Gordienko, Moldova, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

At the start Daði og Gagnamagnið stands in their iconic outift, and the background is light purple and as song progresses their show their fully and background is sky with their animations from their game. On chorus we see on LED Screens we see the colourful boxes which is orange and purple colours .On 2nd part of the song they walk up in smaller stage. The LED background was galaxy with animated 8-Bit people wearing iconic Dadi jumpers. As the instrumental part we see the 3 people circled piano. The group has sync choreography and at end they come together and dance the dance. At end they stand like power rangers and at the end it was fireworks. Overall Dadi sounded good and it was very funky and fun performance.

Daði og Gagnamagnið, Iceland, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021

Hurricane girls take on each side, one is left, one is middle and one is right. The dresses are shiny black and white. The LED Screens are black and white with letters ‘‘LOCO LOCO’. During the first chorus the geothermal vents was introduced and some pyro.. They move a lot and dance.2nd part of song we see the words ”BABE’‘ a lot middle of 2nd part of song and we got introduced to bright red and then we see pink and blue lines on LED screens as well golden disco ball. The lights are yellow/glow. On bridge we see play with colourful lights. At last part we see the LED looks like glitter ball. Vocally they nailed it.

No description available.

We are tuning in tomorrow as well with reviews, pictures and short snippets.

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