EBU clears Maneskin’s Damiano David of alleged drug use during Grand Final

Maneskin’s lead singer Damiano David has returned a negative drug test after apparently being seen to sniff something off of their table in the green room during the live Grand Final.

The band, representing Italy, won the song contest with a total of 524 points, but the victory was overshadowed by this allegation.

The EBU released a statement explaining the situation, along with saying that the test was negative:

The alleged act was caught on camera and broadcast to millions in Europe and Worldwide.

In the post show press conference they were asked about the incident, David and the rest of the band explained that they were actually very against drugs and offered to do a test and explaining that all he was doing was picking up a broken glass:

Thomas broke a glass, I don’t do drugs, please guys, don’t say that… yeah, please don’t say that, no cocaine, don’t say that

The band also released a statement on their social media, offering to do a drugs test and explaining that they are very much against drug use:

You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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