Around The Continent 2022-Week 7

As we continue the weekly series Around The Continent and we are going to talk about news and updated list how each country will select or take part at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Belgium broadcaster RTBF has confirmed to Eurovision website ESCToday that Belgium has confirmed that they will participate at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Its not been confirmed how Belgium will select their artist but very likely will be with internal selection. Details how selection process will be revealed later. We have reported that Jérémie Makiese has been rumoured name to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2022.

Currently Bulgaria is holding annual few day song writing camp especially focused on Eurovision. We have learned the first names who are participating in this camp.

Victoria (represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021/2020)

Vasil (Represented North Macedonia at Eurovision 2021/2020)

Davor Jardanovski (music producer from North Macedonia)

Vesna Malinova (songwriter from North Macedonia)

Johnny K. Palmer (songwriter/artist from Hungary)

AMES (songwriter from Netherlands)

For more news and updates for Eurovision song writing camp you can read here:

Czech broadcaster Ceska Televize has announced that their plans for a song submissions process for Eurovision 2022 and its deadline for songs be submitted by will be September 30th 2021.Form of songs will be announced by 17th September 2021.

Rules of the song submissions process are:

-An artist can submit more than one song into the selection
-Songs must not have been published or performed publicly before 1st of September 2021
-Lead singer must hold Czech citizenship

Ceska Televize notes that have reserves the right to cancel the selection process in the event that the Czech Republic does not participate in the Eurovision 2022.

According to local Greek media outlets, Kalomira is collaborating with her record label to prepare a return to Eurovision. Kalomira has stated that she wishes to return to singing and she ”misses it a lot’‘.Kalomira already attempted to return to the contest in 2018 for Greece, she was approached by Greece for 2020 and almost returned in 2021 to represent Cyprus. She is preparing a proposal to put forward to ERT regarding participating in the 2022 edition.

Kalomira represented Greece at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with song ”Secret Combination”.

According to Israeli journalist Eran Swissa (from “Israel Hayom“), we have learned that not only the artist will be chosen via the TV-show, but also the song for Eurovision 2022.

Israeli national broadcaster KAN has already published an invitation to send songs.
The window for submitting songs will be from 19th September until the 17th of October.
Writers, composers and producers will be able to get a special invitation as an audience in the semi-finals of “X-Factor Israel“.

The semi-finalists will be revealed in front of them, so the writers will get the impression of who are the potential singers of the submitted songs.
The short time period was meant to make the selection process of the songs much longer and fit it to the final candidates. The grand final will be broadcast on January 2022.
4 candidates will qualify for the grand final. Each one of them will perform 2 original songs (among the songs that will be submitted until 19th of September 2021). Therefore, you will be able to hear up to 8 original songs on the grand final evening.
The winner will be chosen by the performance of the original songs and of course by the song itself.

Turin has been promoting their bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 by projecting the logo on Mole Antonelliana from August 19th to August 21st.

City of Bologna has revealed few more details regarding its bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.City has revealed their plans for the Opening Ceremony,EuroClub and two venues that has identifed as eligible to host the copetition.

The Palazzo D’Accursio will be feature as part of the Handover Ceremony, Running Order Draw and Opening Ceremony.

Piazza Maggiore would be the location of the turquoise carpet.

Piazza VIII Agosto would be the location for the Eurovillage during the contest.

Spazio DumBO is planned to be Euroclub.

Gli spazi - Spazio DumBO

Bologona is bidding two venues that RAI can select to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, first option is arena BolognaFiere and 2nd venue is Unipol Arena.

City of Sanremo has revealed few more details about their plans to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Sanremo main venue will be use of Sanremo Mercato di Fiori witch is Flower Market. The based on information from the local fire services can accommodate around 6000-8000 people.

The market has previously hosted the Sanremo Music Festival in 1990 with 5,000 people alongside an orchestra. The Flower Market sits on land with a total area of approximately 120,000 sq. metres including the parking space.18,000 sq.meteres of which indoor floor space. The height of the Flowers Market’s roof may not be meet the EBU’s Needs.

City states that it can fulfil the requested accommodation capacity requirements using rooms in the city and surrounding area to meet the 2,000 room requirement. City also has access to two airports less than 150 km away in Genoa and Nice.

City has not yet publicly revealed their plans for Opening Ceremony, EuroClub but it is likely that its experience hosting Sanremo which means the city will be able to find venues for these events.

Mayor of Sanremo has stated:

“We had a duty to try and we did it seriously. We would have made a mistake if we hadn’t decided to try, even if we started with an objective not higher than 10%.”

British-Lebanese singer Mika has been denied that he has no contention to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Mika is known in Italy for his role as judge on the X Factor Italy for 4 seasons of the show ,he also has presented his own TV series and have successful musical career by having of number of albums in the country.

Singer has revealed that he has approached by BBC in 2015 to represent United Kingdom 4 times and he denied it.

Lichtenstein broadcaster 1FLTB has confirmed to Eurovision website ESCToday that they won’t will not make debut at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 due to the cost of participation.

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT has confirmed that they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Its has not been announced yet if national final will be used to select the entry for 2022 but usually each year Lithuania broadcaster has used this selection every year since 1994 and very likely national final will be used once more in 2022.

According to Eurovision website Eurofestivales that Luxembourgish broadcaster RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg has stated that the Grand Duchy will not be returning to the contest.

Last time Luxembourg participated in 1993 with band Donne with song ”moi une chance”.

All 4 Switzerland national broadcasters SRF,RTS,RSI and RTR have made an announcement that they are open call for songs and deadline are open from September 1st to September 15th 2021 at 12 noon local time.

They also annouced the selection process:

100 audience viewers who have been recruited by Swiss broadcasters.
20 international expert jury members who were involved in the national selection process in their countries or voted as jury in Eurovision itself. In the past, Ruth Lorenzo and Tinkara Kovac were part of the jury.

2 mentioned panels will have a weight of 50% in the voting that will determine the Swiss artist and song for Eurovision 2022.
The chosen song and artist will be announced at the beginning of 2022 (in the last years, the country revealed them only in March).

You can read entire article in more details by us here by clicking on picture:

Currently we got 25 countries confirmed in Eurovision 2022 and these are:

Czech Republic
Italy (Host Country)
San Marino

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set take place in May but the dates has not been announced yet.

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