“The Looker”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 11 (Albania, Cyprus, Switzerland)

Welcome to our new series of posts – “The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

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This time we will concentrate on 3 countries: Albania, Cyprus, Switzerland.

#1. Xhesika Polo

Xhesika Polo is a 24 year-old Albanian singer. In 2012, she auditioned for Season 1 of “X Factor Albania“ and made it all the way to the final as part of the Girls category mentored by Juliana Pasha (who represented Albania at Eurovision 2010).She even managed to perform the wonderful song “Mad About You” (originally performed by Hooverphonic who represented Belgium at Eurovision 2021). Xhesika finished in 3rd place in the final.
In the years 2012-2015, 2017 and 2021, Xhesika participated in the well-known music Albanian music festival “Kënga Magjike”.
In the years 2017, 2018 and 2021, the singer took part in “Festivali i Këngës” which is the Albanian national selection for Eurovision as well.
In 2021, she performed the song “Më mbron” (Eng: protect me):

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2017, she released the song “Vetem Nje Fjale” (Eng: just one word):

In 2020, she released the song “Frymë” (Eng: spirit)

In 2021, she entered “Kënga Magjike” with Klinti Collaku. Together they performed the song “S’me Vret“:

Xhesika Polo has a beautiful powerful voice. She loves the stage, and the stage lover her. Xhesika is excellent at transforming her emotions into listeners, even if they don’t understand a single work in Albanian. Albania is experienced with sending powerful women to Eurovision, and it seems that now it is time for Xhesika Polo who has tried to represent her country in the past.

#2. Alban Ramosaj 

Alban Ramosaj is a 25 year-old Albanian – Dutch singer, songwriter, director, editor, actor and model. He was born to an Albanian family in the city Ede, The Netherlands.
Alban is from an artistic family, his aunt is one of the most famous singers of the Balkan – Albërie Hadërgjonaj (who also competed in the “Festivali i Këngës” (which is also the Albanian national selection for Eurovision). His sister is the model and singer Beatrix Ramosaj.
In 2012, he auditioned for the first season of “X-Factor Albania” (when Xesika Polo entered as well). In 2013, Alban entered the 3rd season of “The Voice of Albania“, where he was eliminated in quarter-final.
In 2016, he participated in “Dance With Me Albania“.
In 2016, he released his debut EP “Po Nese..“. The single “A më do” (Eng: do you love me?) gave Alban a presence of 4 weeks in the first place on the Albanian music chart.
That same year, Alban was nominated for “Artist To Watch” for Top Channel’s Top Awards award show.
At the end of 2016, he participated in “Kënga Magjike” music festival with the song “Aurora“.
In 2018, he was invited to appear in “Dolce Gabbana“‘s spring-summer campaign.
Later on ,he was casted to act protagonist “Elios Konomi” on the first ever Albanian digital series “Love Likes Tirana”.
In 2021, he competed once again in “Kënga Magjike“, this time he won the whole contest with the song “Thikat E Mia” (Eng: my knives)

In 2016, he released the song “Aurora“:

In 2020, he released the song “I Nat Ma Fal”:

In 2021, he released the song “Thikat E Mia” (Eng: my knives):

Alban Ramosaj has tons of charisma, as well as a wonderful raspy voice.
As a singer, he is veratile and can perform rock ballads, as well as mid-tempo or upbeat pop songs. Albania usually sends women to Eurovision, but Alban will be a good choice as a male singer.

#3. Besa

Besa Kokëdhima is 35 year old Albanian singer and songwriter. At the age of 15, she moved to the UK in order to get a higher education.
In 2003, she released her debut single “Më Beso” (Eng: believe me). The song was awarded in the “Golden Microphone Music Awards“.
In 2006, she released her debut album “Besa“.
In 2006, she represented Albania at MTV Exit Concert.
In 2009, the singer entered the “Selecţia Naţională 2009” – Romania’s national selection for Eurovision 209 with the song “Nothin’ Gonna Change“. She reached the semi-finals of the contest.

Besa participated in the music festival “Notafest” where she was awarded the first prize for the R&B single “Lëshoje Hapin” (Eng: release the step).
In 2011, she released her 2nd album “Evolution”.
In 2013, she won the music festival “Kënga Magjike” with the song “Tatuazh në zemër” (Eng: heart tattoo). In 2012-2014, she gained popularity as she released several singles that were a success in Albania.
In 2013, she released a special holiday album – “Besa për festa“, while in 2014 she released her 4th album “Ti je festa ime“.
In 2016, she joined the 6th season of “The Voice of Albania” as one of the coaches. Later on, she was selected as favorite judge in all the history of “The Voice of Albania“.

In 2019, she released the song “Histori” (Eng:History)

In 2020, she released the song “One”:

In 2020, she released the song “C’est la Vie” (Eng: that’s life):

Besa Kokëdhima has a powerful voice. She is good with power ballads, as well as with pop songs. I’m sure she can make Albania proud in Eurovision

#1. Charis Savva

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Charis Savva is a 23 year old Cypriot – Greek singer. When she was 7 years old, Charis participated in a televised song competition and was ranked in the top10. In 2008, she represented Cyprus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, together with Elena Mannouri. They performed the song “Gioupi Gia!” (and ended in 10th place).

In 2009, she participated in the Cypriot talent show “Get On Stage”.
In 2015, the singer participated in the national selection for Eurovision 2015. She was part of a duo (together with Nearchos Evangelou). They performed the song “Δειλά δεν αγαπώ” (Eng: I do not love cowardly):

The duo ended up in 6th place in the final of “Eurovision Song Project 2015” (The Cypriot national selection).
In 2016, she released her debut single (but not as a solo singer). It was a collaboration with OGE and Demy, on the song “Με Όπλο Τη Φωνή Σου”. In 2019, she released her debut single (as a solo singer) – “Kryfto. During her career, she has performed at major music events and has sung alongside artists such as Antonis Remos and Nikos Vertis.

In 2016, she released “Με Όπλο Τη Φωνή Σου” (with OGE and Demy):

In 2017, she collaborated with Mike on the song “Δωσ΄ Μου Το Χέρι” (Eng: Give me your hand)

In 2019, she released the single “Κρυφτό” (Eng: Hide and Seek):

Charis Savva brings an ethnic taste to music, but her songs still have something that’s related to the worldwide mainstream. She sings in Greek, French and English, so we can expect almost everything.

#2. Iasonas Mandilas

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Iasonas Mandilas is a 29 year old Greek singer,dancer and actor. In 2019, he released his debut single and afterwards a duet song with Helena Paparizou.
During his career, he worked with various artists, such as: Robbie Williams, Helena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas and Eleni Fouriera.
In 2020, he was nominated for best newcomer at the MAD Video Music Awards.

In 2019, he released his debut single “Χίλια Κομμάτια” (Eng: 1000 pieces):

In 2020, he released the single “Μόνο Εσένα” (Eng: only you):

In 2021, he released the single “Απίθανο” (Eng: amazing):

Iasonas Mandilas brings fresh pop with the help of dance production. He knows how to move on stage and therefore has the perfect package for Eurovision. On top of this, he sings in the beautiful language Greek.

#3. Arcadian Child

Arcadian Child is a psychedelic-garage-rock band that was formed in 2013 in Limassol, Cyprus.
The band members are:

  • Panagiotis I.G (lead singer and rhythm guitarist)
  • Stathis Chatzicharalambous (lead guitarist)
  • Andreas Kerveros (bass guitar)
  • Chris Dimou (drums and percussion)

In 2017, the band self-published their debut album, “Afterglow“.
In 2018, they released their 2nd album “Superfonica“.
In 2020, they released their 3rd album “Protopsycho

In 2017, they released the single “She’s On My Mind“:

In 2018, they released the song “Irresistible“:

In 2020, they released the song “Protopsycho“:

With a unique sound, the band combines music with foundations of the west and the east.
They stretch the narrow limit between rock music and psychedelic music, but you can still tell they’re of middle-east background.
For some of us, it seems that Cyprus is quite comfortable with sending female singers who sing ethnic pop, but maybe it is time for a change. Arcadian Child will definitely shine on the Eurovision stage.

#1. Chiara Dubey

Chiara Dubey is a 27 year-old Swiss – Indian singer and composer.
She was born in September 1993 in Switzerland. She started approaching music at a very young age, through the violin and her voice.
At the age of 15, she started performing in different concerts and competitions.
To expand her knowledge in classical music, she started studying classical violin at the Zurich University of the Arts, and then put herself towards classical composition at the Lugano Conservatorium, obtaining a Bachelor degree in composition in 2018.
In parallel, she collaborated with other artists, musicians, and producers on different projects and songs.
Chiara Dubey is no stranger to the Eurovision scene. She tried her luck in representing the country at Eurovision in 3 different occasions.
In 2012, she competed in the national selection for Eurovision 2012, with the song “Anima Nuova” (eng: new soul) and ended up in 3rd place:

In 2013, she participated in the national selection for Eurovision 2013, performing the song “Bella sera” (Eng: beautiful evening) and ended up in 5th place:

In 2018, she competed in the national selection for Eurovision 2018 with the song “Secrets and Lies” and ended up in 4th place:

She was in London, where she is completing her masters in vocals at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. In 202, she returned to Switzerland where she is working on new music.
In 2020, she released her debut album “Constellations“.

Let’s introduce 3 of her songs:

In 2020, she released the single “The Hunt“:

In 2020, she released the song “Parallel Universe“:

In 2021, she released the single “Stranger“:

With a soft and magical voice, classical motives in melodies and meaningful texts, it seems that Chiara Dubey can be the perfect match to Eurovision. She will easily win the hearts of the jury, and viewers who appreciate praised singers and songwriters as she is.
Chiara Dubey‘s will make your soul fly outside your body and then it will imbrace your heart with unexplained feeling.

#2. Joya Marleen

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Joya Marleen is an 18 year old Swiss singer and songwriter. She was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Joya‘s first public performance was in 2016. At the beginning of her career, she used to perform covers with her unique interpretation. She has also started to reveal her original songs to the public.
Sometimes, she performs solo and sometimes with a band.
In April 2018 she was the winner at the Swiss Youth Music Competition: Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb (SJMW) Jazz&Pop.
In the same year she has also performed as a solo singer in Act GENNEX 2018, Cirque Du Soleil, in Dübendorf.
In 2019 – 2020, she released several singles.
In 2021, she released her debut EP “Joya Marleen“.
Joya mentions the following artists as her role models: Tracy Chapman, Sophie Hunger and Billie Hollyday.

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2020, she released the song “Nightmare“:

In 2021, she released the song “Driver” :

In 2021, she released the single “Softly Speaking” :

Despite her young age, Joya Marleen shows great talent. Her music combines folk, pop and jazz. Joya has a wide vocal range and has the potential to impress us all.
Joya Marleen is already strong enough as an artist to represent her country at Eurovision.

#3. Andryy

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Andryy is a 28 year old Swiss singer – songwriter. He was born in 1993 and started his musical venture on the flute, before finding his way to the guitar via his sister at the age of 16. This was followed by a study of pop music and various band projects, in which Andryy earned his spurs before he channeled his artistry as a one-man project and was able to bring it to the point.
In 2020, he released his debut EP, “Das isch mini verschti EP, merci fürs Lose” (Eng: “This is mini different EP, merci for the lot”). He recorded and produced the EP himself.
In 2021, he participated in “Sing It Your Way” and was crowned the winner.
Starting on May 2021, the singer has released several songs, as in September 2021 he will release his 2nd EP, “GHEIMNIS” (Eng: secret).
Most of the time, you will be able to hear him sing in one of the Swiss German language’s dialects.

In 2019, he released the single “Geil” (Eng: cool):

In 2020, he released the song “Chopfkino“:

In 2021, he released the single “Julia“:

Andryy is a promising name in the Swiss music industry. With heart-warming and guitar playing, he is ready to show Europe what he has got.

What do you think about our recommendations? Which artists would you like to see representing those 3 countries?
Stay tuned for more recommendations to come, next time we will travel to other countries

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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