Italy: 711 submissions have been received for Sanremo Giovani 2022

Its been announced by Italian broadcaster RAI that more than 700 submissions have been received for Amadeus and musical commission for ”Sanremo Giovani” and here are some details:

-There is total 649 soloists (270 women and 379 men) and 62 groups/bands
-From Lazio region has 119 submissions ,Lombardy region has 104 submissions, Macro areas from South has 242 submissions, North area has 229 submissions and Center region has 209 submssions.
31 submissions comes from abroad.

Amadeus expressed the happiness:

“It is a new beginning and, to all the girls, boys and musical groups who have signed up for Sanremo Giovani, my good luck and a special thank you for the double commitment they have undertaken that of preparing an unreleased song for Sanremo Giovani and another with which to dream of the stage of the Festival. Now, as in the past, it will be a fascinating undertaking to select the most beautiful songs: the journey towards the Ariston Theatre has begun. now on, music and lyrics will fill our working days “.

Live auditions will be held on 8th November 2021 in Rai Radio headquarters in Via Asiago.30 finalists from Live audition round will perform to artistic commission which will have to make own assessments and they will be added to winner of the Castrocaro Festival,Simo Veludo.

At end of the live auditions only 8 groups and artists will be chosen where another 4 from the Sanremo Area.

Gaudiano won Sanremo Giovani 2021 with song ”Polvere da sparo”.

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