JESC 2021: Ukraine national selection is delayed until 24th October 2021

Ukranian national selection to select hopeful who will represent country at Junior Eurovision 2021 has been delayed to 24th October 2021.Ukranian broadcaster also been revealed hosts for national selection which are TV presented Viktor Dyachenko and Darina Krasnovetskaya and who represented Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2018.

National selection final will be broadcasted on 24th October 2021 from 18:00 CET.12 hopefuls will try their luck to represent the country. Each performance will have pre-recorded live performances. Pre-recorded performances are being used due to pandemic situation in Ukraine.

12 finalists are:

Arseniy Grischenko–‘Redemption’
Nana Do-‘Svit nadliudei’
Daryna Zinchenko–‘Save this world’

Karina Kornuta–‘Save this world’
Darina Kryvenko–‘Kosy khmarochosy’
RREALINA–‘Angel of Light’
Veronika Morska–‘Save this world’
Yelizabeta Petryk–‘Save this world’
Darya Rebrova–‘Make Me Happy’
Sofia Skvaru –‘Golden Time’
Mariya Tkachuk–‘Pazly svitu’
Ellen Usenko–‘Vazhil’

Winner will be determined by 50% of online voting and 50% jury voting. Online voting will require Facebook or Instagram account.

Oleksandr Balabanov represented Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2020 with song ‘‘Vidkryvai (Open Up)”.

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