Álınur Khamzin and Beknur Jánibekuly with the song ”Ertegi alemi (World of Farytailes)” will represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2021

Today concluded Kazakshtan’s search for hopeful who will represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2021.

Today’s acts were:

Álimjan Túgelbaı-“Senem ali”
Zhan Makim-“Bile”
Ekaterina Tabarina-“Fotomodel”
Beknur Jánibekuly-“Human”
Adina Súlenova-“Akeshim”
Armen Saakyan-“Bala mahabbat”
Aıǵanym Amantaı-“Armanym”
Amina Asǵatova-“Kimylda”
Álınur Khamzin-“Ertegi alemi”
Ábilqaıyr Jumabaı-“Indigo Bala”

Jury Results:

Álınur Khamzin-“Ertegi alemi” 17.1%
Ábilqaıyr Jumabaı-“Indigo Bala” 16.9%
Amina Asǵatova-“Kimylda” 14.3%
Armen Saakyan-“Bala mahabbat” 11.7%
Aıǵanym Amantaı-“Armanym” 10.9 %
Zhan Makim-“Bile” 8.1%
Álimjan Túgelbaı-“Senem ali” 7.8%
Ekaterina Tabarina-“Fotomodel” 4.9%
Beknur Jánibekuly-“Human” 4.9%
Adina Súlenova-“Akeshim” 3.4%

Total Votes (Public & Jury):
Beknur Jánibekuly-“Human” 30.5%
Álınur Khamzin-“Ertegi alemi” 30.5%
Ábilqaıyr Jumabaı-“Indigo Bala” 25.6%
Aıǵanym Amantaı-“Armanym” 25.1%
Álimjan Túgelbaı-“Senem ali” 17.1%
Amina Asǵatova-“Kimylda” 16.5%
Adina Súlenova-“Akeshim” 15.8%
Armen Saakyan-“Bala mahabbat” 15.3%
Zhan Makim-“Bile” 14.1%
Ekaterina Tabarina-“Fotomodel” 9.6%

Álınur Khamzin and Beknur Jánibekuly with the song ‘‘Ertegi alemi (World of World of Fairytales)” will represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2021.

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