Intelligent Music Project with song ”Intention” will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision Song Contest 2022

It’s been announced that Intelligent Music Project with the song ”Intention” will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision 2022.”Intention” will be released on 7th December 2021.

Creator of the music project is Milen Vrabeksi and Ronnie Romero from the band ”Rainbow”

Emil Kosklukow who is Director General of BNT said:

“BNT successfully continues the project in a public-private partnership. I believe that we will strengthen this model and make good music. I hope that we will have success this year,”

One of the creators of the music project Milen Vrabevksi said:

“Intelligent Music Project is a project of 10 years. We applied under the legal procedure, we even submitted one more piece. In view of the emerging trend for the return of rock music, we believe that this project will present our country more than with dignity. This cause commits us to move forward, representing Bulgaria.”Every year Eurovision is a reason for the unification of the nation. An important aspect is the education of good taste”.

Ronnie Romero expressed his thoughts about representing Bulgaria at Eurovision 2022:

“It is an honor for me to be with Mr. Vrabevski to represent Bulgaria. I was born on a different continent, but for 3 years I feel Bulgaria as a second home.”

Lets meet the band members:

Ronnie Romero (Lead Singer)

He is been in multiple bands including the most famous and legendary Rainbow aka ”Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow’‘.He has also been collaborating with other project bands.

Slavin Slavchev (Lead Singer)

Slavin is famously known that he took part and won in 3rd season of X-Factor Bulgaria. In 2015 he released his first solo single ”Ela” (Come). In the Summer of 2015, he released his 3rd single ”Losh Sum za Teb” (I’m bad for you).In 2017 he formed an alternative/art-rock band ”Julian’s Laughter”.

Biser Ivanov (Gutarist)

Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi (Drums)

He is no stranger to Eurovision, in past, he represented Bulgaria 2 times in Eurovision 2007 and Eurovision 2013 with Elitsa Todorva.

Ivo Stefanov (cow instruments)

Dimiter Sirakov (base guitarist player)

The video for the song will be presented in 7th December 2021. It sends a message not to teach our children to live in a pot, there is no safe area, revealed Dr. Vrabevski, who is the author of the music and lyrics.

The promotion will be with a short tour in five Bulgarian cities.

Director of BNT Emil Koshukov is optimistic.

“We hope that we will have a good participation”,

Will the rock genre will bring Bulgaria to the final at Eurovision 2022 ? Are you excited to hear Bulgarian entry at Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

I am orginally from Latvia but now live in Ireland.I been Eurovison fan since 2006.My huge intrest is to travel,music and cooking. Currently studiying graphical design

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