Directors for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 has been revealed

Its been revealed by Andrea Conti Twitter account that Duccio Forzano and Cristian Biondani will be directors of Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Both members of the directing team for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have a large amount of experience of being directing the next year’s contest.

Duccio Forzano has worked on Sanremo Music Festival 6 times since 2010 and the last time being in 2019. He also has a large amount of experience in directing local TV shows.

Cristian Biondani has experience with directing Junior Eurovision 2015 alongside Gordon Bonello where he also worked on the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011.

In 2022 there will be 2 people who will direct the contest but in Eurovision Song Contest 2021 there were 3 directors which were Marnix Kaart, Marc Pos, and Daniel Jelinek. This is the first time that Eurovision directors do have not 3 directors.

Turin will be the host city for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be on 10th,12th, and 14th May 2022 and will be held in PalaOlimpico.

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