Albania: ”Festivali i Këngës 60” First Night Results

The Albanian broadcaster RTSH held the first show of ”Festivali i Këngës 60”.

The 4 hosts were: Kelvi Kadilli, Jonida Maliqi, Xhemi Shehu, and Isli Islami

20 artists performed their songs with an orchestra.
Among them were 14 established artists and 6 newcomers (emerging artists).

The 20 songs in the line-up in running order were:

  1. Kelly–“Meteor”
  2. Mirud–“Për dreq” (Eng: To hell)
  3. Urban Band–“Padrejtësi” (Eng: Injustice)
  4. Evi Reci–“Me duaj” (Eng: Love me)
  5. Kastro Zizo–“Kujë” (Eng: Where are you?)
  6. Ester Zahiri–“Hiena” (Eng: Hyena)
  7. Viola Zhemali–“Eja si erë” (Eng: Come as the wind)
  8. Eldis Arrnjeti–“Refuzoj” (Eng: I refuse)
  9. Kejsi Rustja–“Vallëzoj me ty” (Eng: I dance with you)
  10. Xhuliana Pjetra–“Baladë” (Eng: Ballad)
  11. Olimpia Smajlaj–“Dua” (Eng: I want)
  12. Shega–“Një” (Eng: One)
  13. Gjergj Kaçinari–“Në ëndërr mbete ti” (Eng: You remain in dreams)
  14. Denis Skura–“Pse nuk flet, mama?” (Eng: Mother, why don’t you speak?)
  15. Endri & Stefi–“Triumfi i jetës” (Eng: Triumph of Life)
  16. Janex–“Deluzional” (Eng: Delusional)
  17. Ronela Hajati–“Sekret” (Eng: Secret)
  18. Sajmir Çili–“Nën maskë” (Eng: under the mask)
  19. Rezarta Smaja–“E jemja nuse” (Eng: I’m a bride)
  20. Alban Ramosaj–“Theje” (Eng: Break it)

The 6 newcomers are:

  1. Ester Zahiri–“Hiena”
  2. Viola Zhemali–“Eja si erë”
  3. Eldis Arrnjeti–“Refuzoj
  4. Kejsi Rustja–“Vallëzoj me ty” 
  5. Xhuliana Pjetra–“Baladë”
  6. Olimpia Smajlaj–“Dua”

The jury of the Festivali i Këngës 60 are:

(Credit: Eurovision Albania)
  1. Anxhela Peristeri
  2. Agim Doçi
  3. Anxhela Faber
  4. Osman Mula
  5. Rozana Radi
  6. Olsa Toqi
  7. Olti Curri

The jury panel ranked the 6 emerging artists.
3 of them advanced for the next round, while the other 3 were eliminated.

The 3 eliminated artists are:

Viola Zhemali–“Eja si erë”

Kejsi Rustja–“Vallëzoj me ty” 

Xhuliana Pjetra–“Baladë”

All other 17 artists will perform tonight, on the 2nd night of the festival.

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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