Slovenia: “EMA Freš 2022” Final – Date and Full Details

Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO has published all the details about the “EMA Freš 2022” – the emerging path in the Slovenian selection.

As we reported in December 2021, 14 artists made it to the next round.
However, we are now learning that instead of 2 semi-finals, the broadcaster will hold a single show.
The grand final of “EMA Freš 2022” will be held on Friday, the 28th of January 2022.

The presenters of “EMA Freš 2022” will be: Eva Boto (represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2012), Melani Mekicar, and Arne Međedović:

14 competitors (in running order) are:

  1. Mia VučkovićTelenovela
  2. De Liri – Obstajam (Eng: I Exist)
  3. Jon Vitezič – Jesus Style
  4. INA Moj dopamin (Eng: My Dopamine)
  5. Marijan & ŠpelaI am so in Love
  6. Stela Sofia Tu in zdaj (Eng: Here And Now)
  7. Leya Leanne Naked
  8. Nika S.Počakaj me (Eng: Wait For Me)
  9. Katja Kos – Deadly Flower
  10. Jaka HlišSvoje sreče krojač (Eng: Your lucky tailor)
  11. Anja VodošekManiac
  12. EMMAMoja sreča (Eng: My happiness)
  13. LPSDisko
  14. LUMAAll in

4 young artists will get spots in the “EMA 2022″ grand-final. where they will meet 6 established artists.
For 16 established artists, there will be a separate path where 6 of them will qualify for the final.
One of these 10 artists will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2022.
EMA 2022″ semi-final and grand final will be held on February 2022.

Which song is your favorite?
Who do you think will make it to the final?

You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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