Review: “UMK 2022” (Finland)

As in recent years, Finland will choose a song and an artist for Eurovision 2022 via “UMK”.
UMK 2022” will feature 7 artists.
The selection will include one show only. The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% international jury vote.

In this post, I will review the 7 competing songs:

#1. Cyan Kicks – Hurricane

It’s a rock song with electronic elements.
The song starts with a short instrumental introduction composed of electric guitar and bass.
Alongside an electronic beat, we can hear the lead singer opening the song.
She sings the first verse with a soft and high voice.
Pre-chorus is a little bit more rhythmic, with a little bit faster guitar playing.
The chorus is powerful, starting with a massive guitar playing as it is deserved in a rock song.
The lead singer shows additional layers of her voice in the chorus – from low notes to a thin high voice. The chorus ends with an electronic beat combined with guitar playing.
The second verse is upbeat, thanks to a beat that’s been added to the melody. Pre-chorus includes drum play that creates a build-up to the chorus. The second chorus is catchy as well. It ends with backing vocals alongside vocal improvisations that converge into an excepatable guitar instrumental part. The last part of the song is the bridge, where the lead singer gives more space for her voice.
The song is decent, I love the voice of the lead vocalist. Any rock lover can find a comfortable place with this song. I still believe that the verses should have a stronger structure. The catchist part in the chorus. By the way, preceding the bridge could have improved the song.

#2. BESS – Ram pam pam

It’s an electro dance pop song, performed in Finnish.
The song opens with keyboards playing and drum beats. BESS joins with singing at the very beginning. At first, her singing was calm and soft. The first verse’s melody is namely based on a uniform keyboard playing.
In the pre-chorus, she moves to a faster singing with a low but remarkable singing. The melody at this point is led by a drum beat. The chorus arrives and it is the cathiest part of the song. BESS sings it powerfully and full of energy. It’s a modern piece, but at the same time a throwback to upbeat dance-pop from some decades ago. Production puts the center of the chorus on her, even though the melody is irresitable. Singing “ram pam pam” isn’t just random lyrics, it is the heartbeat rate as well as the beat of the song. In the second half of the chorus, we can hear a raspy tone of her voice.
The second verse arrives and the keyboards are back. With a velvety voice, she gives her own interpatition to the text. This time, the pre-chorus has another beat that builds it. An upbeat danceable chorus arrives and breaks the melody in an excellent way.
The bridge includes some sassiness and serves as a feeling like something “dangerous” will happen. The vibes are of a house track. The speed of h er singing reaches to a peak point, and luckily it isn’t a rap. This part ends with a thin roar that precedes the last chorus. Before the last chorus, we can hear a short and strong drum beat solo. The last chorus is rich and forcible. The song ends with a drum beat and groans.
I find the song effective, catchy and memorable. This is how we do modern Finnish pop, that’s only pop – it has elements of house, dance and electronic music. I adore the fact that she chose to sing in the Finnish language. Watching the video clip can give a hint of the way she will perform it on stage. She will probably deliver the message, move on to the stage and won’t be ashamed to give us some sassiness and fearlessness. Well Done!

#3. The Rasmus – Jezebel

It’s a glam rock song.
The song starts with an instrumental part composed by electric guitar and drums.
Lauri opens the song with his raspy voice, alongside guitars playing. The melody changes surprisingly towards the end of the first verse. The chorus starts with drum playing and the title of the song. It is powerful, Lauri is energetic even though he prevents shouting.
After the chorus, we can hear a quick and short string instrument playing which indicates the arrival of the second verse. The second verse is short and includes the effect of tiger roar.
The second chorus is different, we can hear backing vocalists that sing the word “Jezebal”.
The bridge has more fresh production, we can even hear violion playing in it. It ends with the call “Jezebal” and another chorus.
The chorus slowly decays until the end of the song.
I find myself quite disagreeing with myself (yes, it is possible).
On one hand, the production is decent, the melody isn’t constant and the vocal performance is impressive. On the other hand, there is something dated in the song. We could have seen it represetring Finalnd 15 – 20 years ago.

#4. Younghearted – Sun numero

It’s an indie pop ballad, performed in the Finnish language.
The song starts with guitar stringing, and the soft (and sometimes childish) voice of Reeta (the lead singer). Her voice has a unique stamp. The first verse gives a chilling feeling, that limits with country pop style. The chorus has piano playing in the melody as well, it is slower but more effective.
Immediately afterwards, we get the second verse. It has some similarities with the first verse, but it is more rhythnic, thanks to a beat combined with the guitar playing.
The second chorus came in but didn’t have any news to give. The interesting part finally arrives at the bridge. The melody changes. There are more brarvery factors in it, we can hear piano playing, faded backing vocals and some vocal improvisations.
The chorus was presented to us for the third time, now in a more naked acoustic production. The focus is on the singing. The song ends with drums and electric guitar playing. In this part, we can finally find some rock influences in the song.
It is a well written radio-friendly song. We can easily see that all the people who were involved in creating the song are talented. However, the sharper and more interesting parts of the songs come way too late. Eurovision is about creating a moment, and about doing it on the first impression.
Song is a grower, but not impactful enough.

#5.Olivera – Thank God I’m an Atheist

It’s a singer-songwriter ballad.
The melody is based on piano playing. Her voice is fragile, soft and sweet.
The first verse is slow, and full of emotions. The chorus starts with a deep piano melody alongside a cinematic beat. The chorus is based on the mentioned sounds, which wraps the song in a little bit heavy atmosphere. There is a contrast between the softness of Olivera‘s singing and the heavy and low melody’s sounds. Thereafter, we get the second verse, once again based on the piano playing. It’s time for the second chorus. This time, the beat is a little bit lighter. The chorus converts into an instrumental part of percussion instruments. The singer uses high notes on her voice on the bridge.
The last chorus is naked with “background noises” – all we get is the piano playing and her voice.
It is a modern song, reminded me of the style of Victoria (who represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021). The cinematic amoshpere is well designed in the clip and the song itself.
However, I think the production should be tighter, for example making the beat in the chorus less deeper.

#6. Tommi Läntinen – Elämä kantaa mua

It’s an old school hymn rock song, performed in the Finnish language.
The song starts with guitar playing, Tommi chooses to perform it in half singing – half speaking.
As the first verse progresses, the melody changes – it isn’t only guitar playing but also a cyclic beat.
The pre-chors and chorus transform it into a rock song. Finally, he also sings and also does not recite. Electric guitars are the basis of the melody.
Once again, we get the verse that just passes by without any chance to remember it.
I have to be honest, the song is boring. It takes time until we get to the chorus. The verses feel like filler. The message of the song is nice, and I respect Tommi for choosing to compete, after a long career of 46 years so far. But it is just not enough.

#7.Isaac Sene – Kuuma jäbä

It’s a dance pop song with some hip-hop elements, performed in the Finnish language.
The song starts with a dance beat. The introduction is performed as reciting.
Thereafter, Isaac starts tinging with a mid-high voice, the beat continues to catch up.
The chorus is rhythmic and still has a beat to rely on. it ends with synthesized keyboards playing and pre-recorded and digitally processed voices.
The second verse continues in the same way post-chorus was. Isaac sings it sensually. Afterwards, he continues to the “metallic echo” effect. The rest is performed as a hip-hop dance piece.
an electric guitar joins the composition and gives it another flavour.
The last part of the song is the chorus with a slightly different production.
I find the song contemporary and different from the rest in the line-up.
The speaking part is a little bit weaker than the other parts in the song.
The general vibe is a little bit of “The Weekend”, but it is refreshing due to the Finnish language.
I think it has a potential that hasn’t been fully fulfilled.

My Personal Ranking

  1. BESS – Ram pam pam.
  2. Cyan Kicks – Hurricane
  3. The Rasmus – Jezebel
  4. Olivera – Thank God I’m an Atheist
  5. Isaac Sene – Kuuma jäbä
  6. Younghearted – Sun numero
  7. Tommi Läntinen – Elämä kantaa mua


Finland gave us a diverse selection of high quality songs.
I appreciate the choice to include several songs in the Finnish language.
I think the selection will probably be between one of these 3 artists:

  • BESS – Ram pam pam.
  • Cyan Kicks – Hurricane
  • The Rasmus – Jezebel

Which song is your favorite?
Who do you think will win “UMK 2022“?
What do you think about our review?

You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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