Lithuania: “Pabandom iš naujo 2022” Semi-Final 1 Line-Up Revealed

Earlier this week, Lithuanian broadcaster LRT recorded the first semi-final of the national selection: “Pabandom iš naujo 2022“.
The recorded show will be broadcast on the upcoming Saturday – 29th of January 2022.

The national selection started with 34 participants. Through 3 heats, the list of participants was reduced to 18 artists. They are assigned into 2 semi-finals with 9 participants each.

Here are the 9 participants in the “Pabandom iš naujo 2022semi-final 1.
These 9 artists will fight for 4 spots in the final.

We will present them in a random order

#1. Elonas Pokanevič – Someday

Elonas participated in heat 1 and ended in 6th place.
He said he worked on looking more comfortable on stage.

#2. Emilija Katauskaitė – Illuminate

Emilija participated in heat 2 and ended up in 6th place, even though the public ranked her in first place.
The singer made some changes to her performance and staging following the comments she has received from Eurovision fans.
From long silver-colored clothes to shorter ones with suspenders.

#3.Queens of Roses – Washing machine

Queens of Roses participated in heat 2 and ended in 4th place.
The 3 girls made some updates to their performance.
They sharpen the sound in the musical production. According to them, we can expect some more upbeat sound and therefore the performance will become a big party.
Queens of Roses plan to move more on stage.

#4. Joseph June – Deadly

Joseph June participated in heat 1 and ended up in 4th place.
This time, he felt more confident on stage and less lost.

#5. Justė Kraujelytė – How To Get My Life

Justė Kraujelytė competed in heat 2 and ended in 2nd place.
The singer, who performs a dark pop ballad, made some updates to her performance.
She asked for the advice of stylists. They set together to analyze her performance and decided to change the head covering.

#6. Lolita Zero – Not Your Mother

Lolite Zero competed in heat 3 and ended up in 3rd place, grabbing the 2nd place in pubic vote.
Actor, choreographer and director Gytis Ivanauskas is the man behind the iconic character Lolita Zero. She didn’t have much time to change the performance, so they made some minor changes that were meant to increase the message of the song.

#7. Gebrasy – Into Your Arms

Gebrasy participated in heat 3, and ended up in 4th place.
Audrius Petrauskas (better known as Gebrasy) worked hard to improve his performance, especially the presence on the stage. With his mid-tempo emotional pop ballad and black outfit, he will try to conquer the viewers.

#8.Gintarė Korsakaitė – Fantasy Eyes

Gintarė Korsakaitė competed in heat 3 and ended up in 5th place.
This time, she will give us a more subtle performance, she will be more restrained on stage compared to the heat performance.

# 9. Erica Jennings – Back to myself

Erica Jennings competed in heat 1 and was crowned the winner of the heat, namely thanks to her high ranking by the jury.
This time, she will be alone on the stage, without the 2 dancers that might have distracted the viewers.

The first semi-final of “Pabandom iš naujo 2022″ will be broadcast on Saturday at 20:00 CET

Which song is your favorite?
Which 4 artists do you think will make it to the final?

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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