Around the Continent 2022 – Week 32

As we continue our weekly series Around The Continent, we will discuss the news and tell the story of each country’s preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The line-up for “Australia Decdies 2022” has been completed. Some of the songs have already been released – you can listen to them by clicking on their title

  1. Andrew Lambrou – Electrify
  2. Charley – I Suck at Being Lonely
  3. G-Nat!on – ?
  4. Isaiah Firebrace Feat. Evie Irie – When I’m With You
  5. Jaguar Jonze – Little Fires
  6. Jude York  I Won’t Need to Dream
  7. Paulini – We Are One
  8. Seann Miley Moore – My Body
  9. Sheldon Riley – Not the Same
  10. Voyager – Dreamer
  11. Erica Padilla – ? [TikTok Wildcard]

LUM!X and Pia Maria will represent Austria at Eurovision 2022. They will perform a dance pop song with the title “Halo“.

The song will probably be released at the beginning of March 2022.
Luca Michlmayr, better known as LUM!X is 19 years old Austrian DJ. Despite his young age, the young artist has already achieved more than 72 million YouTube views to his tracks. He had great success on Spotify as well. He will be joined by the vocalist Pia Maria. She is a 18 year old singer. 

Dora 2022” songs have been released on the 10th of February 2022.

You can listen to each one of them by clicking on the song title:

  1. Mila Elegović – Ljubav
  2. Mia Negovetić – Forgive Me (Oprosti)
  3. Marko Bošnjak – Moli za nas
  4. Jessa – My Next Mistake
  5. Zdenka Kovačiček Stay on the Bright Side
  6. Tina Vukov – Hideout
  7. Roko Vušković  Malo kasnije
  8. Bernarda Here for Love
  9. Erik Vidović I Found You
  10. ToMa – In the Darkness
  11. Elis Lovrić No War
  12. Ella Orešković – If You Walk Away
  13. Tia – Voli me do neba
  14. Mia Dimšić – Guilty Pleasure

The results of “Dora 2022” will be determined by 50% national jury voting and 50% public vote.
The national jury will be composed of 10 different regional jury panels. Each regional panel will consist of 3 members.
The 10 different regions are: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Vukovar, Osijek, Knin and Šibenik, Čakovec and Varaždin, Pula, and Dubrovnik.
In the case of a tie, the public vote will determine the winner.

According to reports in Cypriot and Greek media, it is possible to see Andromachi representing Cyprus at Eurovision 2022

Andromachi was born in Germany and moved to live in Greece at a very young age.
She rose to fame after participating in “The Voice of Greece 2015“. Her music style is Greek ethnic folk pop. Her entry is said to have an ethnic style.
You can listen to one of her songs (not the one for Eurovision):

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2022” songs are available now

You can listen to each song by clicking its title:

You can find the full playlists on different digital platforms:

Apple Music

The show will be held on Saturday the 5th of March 2022.
Tina Müller and Martin Brygmann will host the show.

The results will be determined by 2 rounds of voting, where only the public can vote.

Eesti Laul 2022” final will be held this Saturday.
10 artists will participate and perform in the following running order:
The running order will be:

You can listen to each song by clicking its title:

  1. Elina Nechayeva – Remedy
  2. Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia – Mis nüüd saab (Eng:What Now?)
  3. Jaagup Tuisk – Kui Vaid (Eng: If Only)
  4. ELYSA – Fire
  5. Ott Lepland – Aovalguses (Eng: In The Light)
  6. Stig Rästa – Interstellar
  7. Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany – What To Make Of This 
  8. Stefan – Hope
  9. Anna Sahlene – Champion 
  10. Black Velvet – Sandra

The grand final will include 2 round voting.
In the first round, 10 artists will perform. The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% international jury vote.
The top 3 finishers will face another vote that will be determined solely by the public.

One international jury will be Lordi from Finland who won Eurovision 2006

The hosts will be Maarja-Liis Ilus (Estonia, Eurovision 1996 + 1997) & Priit Loog.
They will be joined by Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia, Eurovision 2016) in the green room

You can listen to the full playlists on different digital platforms:

Apple Music

You can read Doron‘s review here:

According to the head of the French delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the 12 competing entries in “Eurovision France: c’est vous Qui Décidez’ 2022” will be released on Wednesday, the 16th of February 2022.

The show will have the same hosts as in last year: Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini

The date of the show remains unknown, but we can guess it will be held at the end of February 2022 or at the beginning of March 2022.
Last year, the results were determined by 50% national jury and 50% public vote.

12 artists will compete this year in the selection. According to rumors, we might get some “The Voice of France” alumni among the participants.

We collected the hot names to participate in the selection according to rumors [none of them have been confiremd yet]:

  1. Saam
  2. Julia
  3. Cyprien Zeni
  4. Keyzo
  5. Hélène in Paris
  6. Jim Bauer
  7. Léona Winter
  8. Nika Paris
  9. Billy Romance 
  10. La Zarra
  11. Eben – a band from Brittany led by three singers, singing in Breton language

6 artists will compete in the German selection for Eurovision 2022 – “Germany 12 Points

You can listen to each song by clicking its title:

  1. Emily Roberts – Soap
  2. Eros Atomus – Alive
  3. Felicia Lu  Anxiety
  4. Malik Harris – Rockstars
  5. Maël & Jonas – I Swear To God
  6. Nico Suave & Team Liebe Hallo We

More Details About The Selection

  • The host will be the German spokesperson Barbara Schöneberger
  • The televised show will be held on Friday, the 4th of March 2022. It will be held at a venue in Berlin
  • A total of 944 songs have been submitted for the selection
  • The results will be determined by public voting (SMS, online and phone voting).
  • Online voting will be available from the 28th of February 2022 until the 4th of March 2022

You can also find the full playlists on different platforms:

Apple Music

Greek broadcaster ERT has shared the following video which shows  Amanda Georgiadis (Tenfjord) has already started working on the video-clip for Eurovision 2022.
The video was recorded on the Island of Symi.

The Greek song for Eurovision 2022 will focus on troubled love relationships.

Last Saturday, Iceland released its national selection songs -“Söngvakeppnin 2022”:

Semi – Final 1 [26th of February 2022]

Semi- Final 2 [5th of March 2022]

Björg Magnúsdóttir, Jón Jónsson and Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir will be the hosts


YouTube (Iceland Versions)
YouTube (English Versions)
Official Website
Apple Music

The Dates:

  • Saturday26th of February 2022 – “Söngvakeppnin 2022” Semi-Final 1
  • Saturday5th of March 2022 – “Söngvakeppnin 2022” Semi-Final 2
  • Friday11th of March 2022 – Family Show / Jury Show (won’t be broadcast)
  • Saturday12th of March 2022 – “Söngvakeppnin 2022” Grand Final

Söngvakeppnin 2022” – Full Details

  1. RÚV have receieved a total of 158 songs for the selection.
  2. 5 artists have been chosen out of public submissions. 5 others have been chosen among established song writers who were directly contacted by RÚV.
  3. 5 artists will compete in each semi-final. The results of each semi-final will be determined by public vote only. 2 artists will advance to the final.
  4. There’s a possibility that the jury will give a wild-card to one of the non-qualifiers.
  5. The shows will be held in a new location, in the so-called Singing Competition Hall, which is in the RVK Studios in Gufunes.
  6.  5 artists will compete in the grand final. In the first round, the results will be determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.
  7. In the “Super-Final”, the top 2 artists will compete while the results will be determined solely by the public.

Israel held its national selection for Eurovision 2022 last Saturday.
The winner of “X-Factor Israel 2022” is Michael Ben David who will perform the song “I.M”:

He won over Eli Huli with only one point gap:

The winners of “Festivel Di Sanremo 2022” are Mahmood and Blanco.
They will represent Italy with the song “Brividi

This Saturday, Latvia will broadcast the “Supernova 2022” final.
11 artists will take part in the selection

  1. Miks Dukurs – “First Love
  2. RAUM – “Plans
  3. Linda Rušeniece – “Pay My Own Bills
  4. Bermudu Divstūris – “Bad
  5. Miks Galvanovskis – “I’m Just a Sinner
  6. Bujāns – “He, She, You & Me
  7. Elina Gluzunova – “Es pabiju tur
  8. Citi Zēni – “Eat Your Salad
  9. Inspo – “A Happy Place
  10. Mēs Jūs Mīlam – “Rich Itch
  11. Aminata – “I’m Letting You Go

We would like to mention that Initially Miks didn’t qualify for the final.
However, due to technical issues, LTV has decided to give him a spot in the final as well:

In the semi-final, Aminata was unable to perform live on stage due to illness.
Therefore, she has to perform remotely.
However, this time she will perform live on stage!

The hosts of the show will be Ketija Šēnberga & Lauris Reiniks:

The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote.
The jury will include international and national music experts, as well as representatives of Latvian television.

The show will feature 2 special guests that will perform as interval acts.
These are The Roop (represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2021) and Uku Suviste (represented Estonia at Eurovision 2021).

The full playlist can be found on different digital platforms:


Official Website


Apple Music

You’re invited to read Doron’s musical review here:

This Saturday, Lithuania will broadcast the final of “Pabandom iš naujo 2022!“.
8 artists will participate in the final:

You can listen to them by clicking on their title:

The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% national public.

The playlists can be found on different digital platforms:

Apple Music

You can read Doron‘s review here:

Next week, Malta will hold its national selection – “MESC 2022“.
The selection will include 2 shows:

MESC 2022 Semi-Final – will be held on Thursday the 17th of February 2022
MESC 2022 Final – will be held on Saturday the 19th of February 2022

22 artists will participate in the semi-final, 16 of them will qualify for the final.

  1. Nicole Hammett – A Lover’s Heart
  2. Jessica Grech – Aphrodisiac
  3. Janice Mangion – Army
  4. Denise Mercieca – Boy
  5. Matt BLXCK – Come Around
  6. Baklava Ft Nicole – Electric Indigo
  7. Sarah Bonnici – Heaven
  8. Richard Micallef – Hey Little
  9. Norbert Bondin – How special you are
  10. Derrick Schembri – II
  11. Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire
  12. Jessica Muscat – Kaleidoscope
  13. Miriana Conte – Look what you’ve done now
  14. Emma Muscat – Out Of Sight
  15. Raquel Galdes Briffa – Over You
  16. GIADA (Jade Vella) – REVELACIÓN
  17. Francesca Sciberras – RISE
  18. Aidan Cassar – Ritmu
  19. Mark Anthony Bartolo – Serenity
  20. Enya Magri – Shame
  21. Malcolm Pisani – We Came For Love
  22. Rachell Lowell – White Doves

The full playlist can be found here

Valdana, who will represent Montenegro, has started working on the video clip for her Eurovision 2022 entry – “Breathe”:

She will wear a futuristic outfit in the video-clip.

Last Monday, NRK opened an online voting in order to choose 4 artists who were eliminated in the semi-finals of “Melodi Grand Prix 2022“. The 4 artists are:

  1. TrollfesT – Dance Like a Pink Flamingo [participated in semi-final 1]
  2. Mari Bølla – Your Loss [participated in semi-final 3]
  3. Maria Mohn – Fly  [participated in semi-final 4]
  4. Kim Wigaard – La Melodia [participated in semi-final 4]

These 4 will compete on Saturday for a second chance. One of them will get a spot in the final. The format will be like in the previous semi-finals: 3 duels until a winner is crowned.

In addition, we will be able to see the liver-performace of one of the pre-qualifiers

Anna-Lisa Kumoji – “Queen Bees

Last week, it was Sofie Fellvjang who performed “Made of Glass” and won semi-final 4.

Therefore, 9 of the 10 finalists are already known:

  1. Elsie Bay – Death Of Us
  2. Christian Ingebrigtsen – Wonder of the World
  3. Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana
  4. NorthKid – Someone
  5. Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Queen Bees
  6. Frode – Black Flowers
  7. Farida Louise – Dangerous
  8. Oda Gondrosen – Hammer of Thor
  9. Sofie Fellvjang – Made of Glass
  10. Second Chance winner

Links to the digital platforms playlist

Apple Music

The national selection “Tu bije serce Europy!” will be held on the 19th of February 2022.
Let’s get a reminder to line-up and listen to the released songs:

  1. Ania Byrcyn – Dokąd
  2. Daria – Paranoia
  3. Emilia D ębbska (Mila) – All I Need
  4. Karolina Lizer Clean Water
  5. Karolina Stanisławczyk & Chika Toro – Move
  6. Kuba Szmaikowski – Lovesick
  7. Lidia Kopania – Why Does It Hurt?
  8. Ochman – River
  9. Siostry Szlachta  Drogowskazy
  10. Unmute – Louder Than Decibels

The show will be hosted by Rafał Brzozowski (who represented Poland at Eurovision 2021).
The show will feature plenty of special guests:

  1. Eldar & Nikki – The winners Eurovision 2011 from Azerbaijan
  2. Kasia Moś – Represented Poland at Eurovision 2017
  3. Sara James – Represented Poland at JESC 2021
  4. Viki Gabor – The winner of JESC 2019 from Poland
  5. Tatiana Okupnik – The lead singer of Blue Café who represented Poland at Eurovision 2004
  6. Justyna Steczkowska – Represented Poland at Eurovision 1995

The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury public. The jury panel will consist 5 members.

Playlists can be found here:

Apple Music

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has announced a running order for the semi-finals of “Festival da Canção 2022″.

Semi-Final 1 – 5th of March 2022

  1. Os Quatro E Meia – Amanhã
  2. TheMisterDriver – Calisun 
  3. Diana Castro – Ginger Ale
  4. FF – Como É Bom Esperar Alguém
  5. Norton – Hope 
  6. Aurea – Why?
  7. Kumpania Algazarra – A Minha Praia
  8. MARO – saudade, saudade
  9. Valas & Os Astronautas – Odisseia
  10. Fado Bicha – ​​Povo pequenino

Semi-Final 2 – 7th of March 2022

  1. Os Azeitonas  Solta a Voz e Canta
  2. Cubita – Uma Mensagem Tua 
  3. Inês Homem de Melo – Fome de Viagem
  4. SYRO – Ainda nos Temos 
  5. Pepperoni Passion – Código 30
  6. Milhanas – Corpo de Mulher
  7. O Vampiro Submarino – Ao Lado de Mim
  8. Jonas – Pontas Soltas 
  9. Blacci – Mar No Fim 
  10. Pongo e Tristany – DÉGRÁ.DÊ 


The hosts are:

  •  Sónia Araújo + Jorge Gabriel [Semi-Final 1]
  • Tânia Ribas de Oliveira + José Carlos Malato [Semi-Final 2]
  • Filomena Cautela + Vasco Palmeirim [Final]
  • Inês Lopes Gonçalves [Green Room]

Each semi-final will feature 10 artists – of them will qualify for the final.
The results will be determined by a 50% national jury and a 50% public vote

TVR has announced 20 qualifiers for the semi-final:

5 Qualifiers Chosen By The Public

  1. Andra Oproiu  Younique
  2. E-an-na – Malere
  3. Mălina – Prisoner
  4. Oana Tabultoc – Utopia
  5. Vizi Imre – Sparrow

15 Qualifiers Chosen By The Jury

  1. Aldo Blaga  Embers
  2. Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – All This Love
  3. Andrei Petruş – Take me
  4. ARIS – Do Svidaniya (Goodbye)
  5. Cezar Ouatu – For everyone
  6. Cream, Minodora ft. Diana Bucsa – România mea (My Romania)
  7. Dora Gaitanovici – Ana
  8. Eliza G – The other half of me
  9. Eugenia Nicolae ft. Cazanoi Brothers  Doina
  10. Gabriel Basco – One night
  11. Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane
  12. MØISE – Guilty
  13. Petra – Ireligios (Irreligious)
  14. VANU – Never give up
  15. WRS – Llámame (Call me)

The semi-final will be held on Saturday, the 12th of February 2022. The 20 artists will compete for 10 spots in the grand final. All of them will be chosen by the jury.

The final will be held on the 5th of March 2022. The results will be determined by a public vote and jury vote.

It seems that Klava Koka won’t represent the country this year.
She has already confirmed participation in an international tour that will be held at the begnning of May 2022:

San Marino has revealed the names of 10 established artists that have alraedy guarented their places in the final of “Una voce per San Marino 2022”:

  • Achille Lauro – Italian singer who participated in “Festival Di Sanremo 2022″.
  • Farby & Labiuse feat. Miodio [Miodio represented San Marino in their debut at Eurovision 2008]
  • Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis
  • Matteo Faustini – Italian singer who participated in “Festival Di Sanremo 2020″.
  • Ivana Spagna – Italian singer who became known in 1980s
  • Blind
  • Valerio Scanu – The winner of “Festival Di Sanremo 2010″
  • Burak Yeter & Alessandro Coli – Burak is a Turkish DJ that rose to fame in 2016, after releasing a hit that became successful over Europe
  • Francesco Monte
  • Cristina Ramos – winner of “Spain’s Got Talent” in 2016

There 10 artists will be joined by additional 9 emerging artists who will qualify for the semi-finals.

Here is a reminder about the format and dates of the selection:

Shows and Dates

  1. Sunday, 13th of February: Semi-Final 1 – Emerging Artists
  2. Monday, 14th of February: Semi-Final 2 – Emerging Artists
  3. Tuesday, 15th of February: Semi-Final 3 – Emerging Artists
  4. Wednesday, 16th of February: Semi-Final 4 – Sammarinese Artists
  5. Thursday, 17th of February: Second Chance
  6. Friday, 18th of February: Emerging Artists Final
  7. Saturday, 19th of February: Grand Final

The Emerging Artists List

  1. Aaron Sibley (United Kingdom 🇬🇧) – participated in Moldovan selection in 2018
  2. Alessandra Simone (Italy 🇮🇹)
  3. Alessia Labate (Italy 🇮🇹)
  4. Alice Burani (Italy 🇮🇹)
  5. Allerija (Italy 🇮🇹)
  6. Anna Faragò (Italy 🇮🇹)
  7. ASHLEY (Italy 🇮🇹)
  8. Brenda (Italy 🇮🇹)
  9. Camille Cabaltera (Italy 🇮🇹)
  10. Corinna Parodi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  11. Daniel Mincone (Italy 🇮🇹)
  12. Daniela Pisciotta (Italy 🇮🇹)
  13. Davide Rossi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  14. Diego Federico (Austria 🇦🇹)
  15. Elena & Francesco Faggi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  16. Elisa Del Prete (Italy 🇮🇹)
  17. Eliska Mrázová (Czech Republic 🇨🇿) – participated in the Czech selection in 2020 and 2022.
  18. Ellynora (Italy 🇮🇹)
  19. Florent Amare (France 🇫🇷)
  20. Frio (Italy 🇮🇹)
  21. Giada Varaschin (Italy 🇮🇹)
  22. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F (United Kingdom 🇬🇧)
  23. Gisele Abramoff (Brazil 🇧🇷)
  24. I Koko (Italy 🇮🇹)
  25. Jessica Anne Condon (United Kingdom 🇬🇧)
  26. João Paulo & Miguel (Portugal 🇵🇹)
  27. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper (Italy 🇮🇹)
  28. Katrin Roselli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  29. Kimberly Genil (Italy 🇮🇹)
  30. Kumi Watanabe (Italy 🇮🇹)
  31. Kurt Cassar (Malta 🇲🇹)
  32. Le Bebae (Italy 🇮🇹)
  33. Leonardo Frezzotti (Italy 🇮🇹)
  34. Lorenza Rocchiccioli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  35. Luca Cima (Italy 🇮🇹)
  36. Luca Veneri (Italy 🇮🇹)
  37. Luci Blu (Italy 🇮🇹)
  38. Mad (Italy 🇮🇹)
  39. Marco Saltari (Italy 🇮🇹)
  40. Maria Chiara Leoni (Italy 🇮🇹)
  41. Martina Gaetano (Italy 🇮🇹)
  42. Mate (Italy 🇮🇹)
  43. Matilde Montanari (Italy 🇮🇹)
  44. Matteo Giannaccini Gravante (Italy 🇮🇹)
  45. Muriel (Italy 🇮🇹)
  46. Nada e Sissi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  47. OnlySara (Italy 🇮🇹)
  48. Operapop (Italy 🇮🇹)
  49. OXA (Clayton) Sia (Germany 🇩🇪)
  50. Raimondo Cataldo (Italy 🇮🇹)
  51. Riccardo Foresi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  52. Riccardo Guglielmi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  53. Sebastian Schimdt (Germany 🇩🇪)
  54. Snei Ap (Italy 🇮🇹)
  55. Thomas Grazioso (Italy 🇮🇹)
  56. Tothem (Italy 🇮🇹)
  57. Valentina Tioli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  58. Vanja Vatle (Norway 🇳🇴)
  59. Veronica Liberati (Italy 🇮🇹)
  60. Vina Rose (Italy 🇮🇹)

Semi-Final 1-3 Format

  • 20 foerign emerging artists will compete in each of the first 3 semi-finals.
  • The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final
  • The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members

Semi-Final 4 Format

  • 6 merging artists from San-Marino will compete in this semi-final.
  • The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final
  • The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members.

Second Chance

Artists who finish in places 4-8 in one of the first 3 semi-finals will get a second chance.
These 15 artists will fight for 4 additional spots in the emerging artists final. The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final

The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members.

Emerging Artists Final

The show will include 16 artists: 12 semi-final qualifiers (3 qualifiers from 4 semi-finals) and 4 wild card winners from the second chance round.
9 out of these 16 artists, will get a spot in the grand final.

“Una Voce Per San Marino 2022” – Final

The final will feature 19 artists: 10 established artists and 9 emerging artists from the previous rounds.
A jury panel of 5 members will determine the winner.

Senhit and Jonathan Kashanian will host the show

Serbia revealed the semi-final allocation draw for “Pesma za Evroviziju 2022“, as well as the songs themselves:

Semi Final 1 (March 3, 2022):

Semi-Final 1 Playlist

  1. Sanja Bogosavljević – Priđi mi
  2. VIS Limunada – Pesma ljubavi
  3. Zorja – Zorja 
  4. Bojana Mašković – Dama
  5. Boris Subotić – Vrati mi
  6. Ivona Pantelić – Znam
  7. Bane Lalić i MVP – Tu gde je ljubav, tu ne postoji mrak
  8. Angellina – Origami
  9. Ana Stanić – Ljubav bez dodira
  10. Julija – Brzina
  11. Aca Lukas – Oskar
  12. Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano
  13. Igor Simić – To nisam ja
  14. Mia – Blanko
  15. Jelena Pajić – Pogledi
  16. Biber – Dve godine i šes’ dana
  17. Marija Mikić – Ljubav me inspiriše
  18. LIFT – Drama

Semi Final 2 (March 4, 2022):

Semi-Final 2 Playlist

  1. Srđan Lazić – Tražim te
  2. Julijana Vincan – Istina i laži
  3. Marko Nikolić – Dođi da te volim
  4. Zoe Kida – Bejbi
  5. Orkestar Aleksandra Sofronijevića – Anđele moj 
  6. Goca Tržan – Fitilj
  7. Euterpa – Nedostaješ
  8. Dušan Svilar – Samo ne reci da voliš 
  9. Ivana Vladović i Jovana Stanimirović – Prijaće ti
  10. Gift – Haos
  11. Zejna Murkić – Nema te
  12. Sara Jo – Muškarčina
  13. Marija Mirković – Požuri, požuri
  14. Rocher Etno Band – Hajde sad nek’ svak’ peva
  15. Vasco – Znaš li
  16. Tijana Dapčević – Ljubi, ljubi doveka
  17. Gramophonedzie – Počinjem da ludim
  18. Naiva – Skidam

Hosting all 3 shows will be Dragana Kosjerina and Jovan Radomir, with the help of Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović in the green room.
The results of each show will be determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public vote.
9 artists will qualify from each semi-final.

On Saturday, 12th of February 2022, Slovenia will hold the second semi-final of “EMA 2022“.
10 artists will compete for additional 6 spots in the final: 3 of them will be chosen by the public, 3 will be chosen by the national jury.

  1. Mia Guček – Independiente
  2. Gušti feat. Leyre – Nova Romantika
  3. Klara Jazbec – Chasing Dreams
  4. Vedran Ljubenko – H₂O Dieta
  5. Leya Leanne – Naked
  6. LPS Disco
  7. Anabel – Tendency
  8. BQL – Maj
  9. Hauptman – Sledim
  10. Eva Moškon – Kliki

You can listen to semi-final 2 snippets here:

Last week, the 6 qualifiers from semi-final of “EMA 2022” were:

July Jones – Girls Can Do Anything
David Amaro – Še vedno si lepa (Eng: You are still beautiful)
LUMA – All In
Stela Sofia – Tu in zdaj (Eng: Here and Now)
Manouche – Si same? (Eng: Are you alone?)
Batista Cadillac – Mim pravil  (Eng: Mim rules)

7 artists will take part in the 2nd semi-final. You can listen to each snippet by clicking on the suitable red link:

  1. Liamoo – Bluffin [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  2. Niello & Lisa Ajax – Tror du att jag bryr mig [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  3. Samira Manners – I want To Be Loved [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  4. Alvaro Estrella – Suave [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  5. Browsing Collection – Face In The Crowd [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  6. John Lundvik – Änglavakt [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  7. Tone Sekelius – My Way [audio snippet] [video snippet]

2 artists will get a direct path to the grand final.
While the 3rd and 4th place will have to wait for the “second chance” round.
all the 3 remaining artists will be eliminated.

Vidbir 2022” will be held on Saturday the 12th of February 2022.
The results will be determined by a combination of 50% national jury vote and 50% public vote.

Each of them will have a set of 1-8 points to give each one of the songs.

The hosts are: Masha Efrosinina (main host) & Timur Miroshnychenko (green room)

Meet the 3 members of the jury panel:

  • Jamala – Represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2016 and won the trophy for the country
  • Yaroslav Lodygin – The head of television at Suspilne (UA:PBC)
  • Tina Karol – represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2006 and ended in the 7th place

8 artists will compete in the selection, and here is the running order they will perform in:

  1. Cloudless  All Be Alright
  2. Michael Soul – Demons
  3. Our Atlantic – Moia liubov (Моя любов) [Eng: My Love]
  4. Barleben – Hear My Words
  5. Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
  6. Roxolana – Girlzzzz
  7. Wellboy – Nozzy Bossy
  8. Alina Pash – Tini zabutykh predkiv (Тіні забутих предків) [Eng: Shadows of Ancient Ancestors]

Each one of them will try conquer this beautiful stage:

Special guests will be Ukraine representatives in Junior Eurovision in recent years, as well as Go_A, Jamala and Tina Karol

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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