Eurovision 2022 – Rehearsals: Day 7

It’s the 7th day of rehearsals. 11 countries will have their second rehearsal session today.
The press room is open, which means the rehearsals are available for journalists who have the chance to watch the full version of them.

The schedule is as follows:

CountryRehearsal TimeMeet & Greet Time
Australia10:00 – 10:2011:10 – 11:30
Cyprus10:25 – 10:4511:35 – 11:55
Ireland10:50 – 11:1012:00 – 12:20
North Macedonia11:15 – 11:3512:25 – 12:45
Estonia11:40 – 12:0012:50 – 13:10
Romania13:05 – 13:2514:15 – 14:35
Poland13:30 – 13:5014:40 – 15:00
Montenegro13:55 – 14:1515:05 – 15:25
Belgium14:20 – 14:4015:30 – 15:50
Sweden14:45 – 15:0515:55 – 16:15
Czech Republic15:35 – 15:5516:45 – 17:05

Note: This post will be updated according to the progress of the rehearsals.
It seems like the kinetic sun has movement limitations. In other words, the motor mechanism should be fixed.
At the moment, it has been decided that the kinetic sun won’t be used in each one of the first rehearsals. The technical team is still working on fixing it.
The limitations are namely on the led screen side of the sun, not the ones with the light.

Take a look at the green room:

#1. 🇦🇺 Australia: Sheldon Riley – Not The Same

  • Sheldon‘s outfit is 3 pieces white one with a huge fur-trimmed white wedding train that drapes to the floor
  • As always, he wears his silver jewelry mask that includes diamonds.
  • The main element on stage is 2 floor giant steps. This element is in front of the sun.
  • During the bridge, Sheldon is climbing the stairs.
  • His vocals stand out as always.
  • The backdrop shows white galaxy.
  • The spotlight is on Sheldon and his face. The outfit also can be seen remarkably under the lights.
  • He has jeweled mask and silver hand bracelets.
  • It looks like the dominant colors on stage are purple, blue and white.
  • Most of the time, the lights color is midnight blue.
  • In the second chorus, he goes up on the stairs.
  • While he is on the top of the stairs, the lights are getting brighter. Thereafter, he removes the crown. He holds his mask in his right hand.
  • At the end, the arena is filled with white fog.

#2. 🇨🇾 Cyprus: Andromache – Ela

  • Andromache will be accompanied by female dancers on the stage
  • There is a huge shell-shaped structure. The dancers get out of this shape, but it is also used a way to create projection of lights and shapes.
  • The wavy structure platform is lightened in blue, yellow, purple and orange.
  • Andromache wears a gentle light off white dress that gives us the vibes of summer.
  • Her 2 dancers wear light brown dresses
  • The projection of lights makes it look like their outfits change color along the song.
  • The platform includes kind of tiny steps inside.
  • The dance movements are like wavy hand movements.
  • If we want to describe the lighting: It starts blue, then blue and purple, purple and pink, and at the end gold.
  • Personally, I feel like the camera angles should be improved. In general, there are a lot of long shots and we can see the audience too much times.
  • Towards the end, one of the dancers hold the microphone for the singer.
  • There are some sound problem, we hope they be solved next time

#3. 🇮🇪 Ireland: Brooke – That’s Rich

  • The performance begins with a big red heart on the floor.
  • Brooke and her dancers are lying on top of this heart. Brooke opens the singing part while she is lying.
  • There are also a lot of floating hearts on the screen.
  • Brooke has a shiny light blue outfit with hostplants and a chiffon overskirt. She wears boots of the same color. Her nails are colored with silver decorations.
  • She wears green floral platform shoes.
  • She is accompanied by 4 dancers who wear white/pink tiny dresses.
  • The performance has rich camera shots
  • There is a use of floor projections.
  • The lighting is namely blue, pink and purple.
  • Brooke gave a convincing vocal performance
  • The staging includes some pyro towards the end.
  • The lighting is namely blue and pink.

#4. 🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Andrea – Circles

  • She is dressed in classic black outfit with black gloves.
  • Andrea performed on the secondary stage.
  • The graphics and the lighting create an intense and dramatic atmosphere.
  • Andrea stands between 2 beaming light that keeps on turning around.
  • The performance starts with a long shot and then focusing on her
  • The lighting is namely blue. As well as the waterfall.
  • The LED screen on the floor presents vortex, like circles. The same artwork is presented in te area under the sun.
  • There’s a moment when we can see her kind of tapped between 2 blue hands, made by lights.
  • The artwork behind the sun shoes us abstract clouds. They are pink, purple or gray (each time one color).
  • There is an artwork of circles over her head.
  •  There’s a use of the lift bridges over the water as projection screens
  • They also have 2 LED screens on the sides on the stage which present hands.
  • We get variety of camera angles, including going in circles around her.
  • Towards the end, it looks more orange. They projected massive lights on the sun, which make is much more beautiful.
  • Vocally she sounds amazing.

#5. 🇪🇪 Estonia: STEFAN – Hope

  • This time the performance starts with a black-brown-white effect.
  • Stefan wears a cream/beige off-white outfit (not black as in the first one).
  • The camera angles shows a lot of empty arena moments.
  • He has a microphone stand as well.
  • Stefan runs all over the stage, sometimes is makes his voice a little bit shaky.
  • The LED screen behind shows images of the wild-west.
  • Stefan will still feature guitar in his performance.
  • There are backing vocals as well.
  • Estonian delegation has tried to utilize the size of the stage.
  • Sometimes, we have even seen the empty space behind the sun.
  • The performance closes with effect of black rectangles that reduces the sight, until we see only his eyes.

#6. 🇷🇴 Romania: WRS – Llamame

  • WRS has 2 male dancers and 2 female dancers with him on the stage.
  • WRS wears a long red shirt with special decorations and sparkling leather black pants.
  • The performance starts with a focus on one of the male dancers, while the stage is dark.
  • His male backing dancers wear very short shirts and long pants.
  • The female dancers wear one piece Bordeaux outfit.
  • The dancers and the movements make it to be a great party.
  • At the chorus the dancers move around him in a circle they clap.
  • The lighting is namely yellow, blue, orange and red.
  • We can see flower artwork on the LED screen.
  • There are kind of golden rings around the kinetic sun, made by lights.
  • WRS dances close with one of the female dancers, and thereafter with one of the make dancers.
  • The area under the sun, presents kind of fire artwork.
  • The words “Hola mi bebe” are written on the backdrop as well as on the LED floor (in gold).
  • Towards the end, the dancers uncover his upper shirt and we can see a silvery shirt with black basis.
  • Vocally, there’s still a need to improve.

#7. 🇵🇱 Poland: Ochman – River

  • We can hear the heavy water pouring sound at the beginning.
  • Ochman wears a black elegant suit with a white polo shirt under.
  • He is accompanied by 4 female dancers that look like 4 devils. They wear black outfits with masks.
  • They dance around him in a style of modern dance.
  • On the backdrop, we can see Ochman’s character.
  • There is an entire artwork of water on the TV screens.
  • You’ll get an atmosphere of winder, as lightning will appear on the screen.
  • At some point, we have an effect of earthquake as the camera shake.
  • The lighting is blue, dark blue and white.
  • There are kind of water swirl on the floor.
  • Towards the end, we can see the female dancers touching his shoulders and then create a “X” shape around him, while lying on the floor.
  • Vocally, he was wonderful.

#8. 🇲🇪 Montenegro: Vladana Vucinic – Breathe

  • Vladana wears a beautiful royal blue dress with silver dots on top oh this. She has silver rhinestones on her face
  • Vladana performs it on the secondary stage.
  • At the beginning we can see her as a black shadow on the stage.
  • She has a prop with her – a round / circular prop behind her back.
  • At the bottom, we can see the blue waterfall.
  • The lighting is blue.
  • This special prop reflect light.
  • On the backdrop, we can see special artwork of gray and silver characters.
  • Behind her. we can see water artwork.
  • The strip of stage where she stands looks like white water waves.
  • There is a use of smoke on the floor, and also emphasis on the waterfall.
  • She will sing some lines in Italian.

#9. 🇧🇪 Belgium: Jérémie Makiese – Miss You

  • Jérémie wears a silver jacket and gray jeans.
  • At the beginning he is alone on stage. The lighting is blue, while the waterfall is light blue.
  • He is accompanied by 4 male dancers that will join in the more upbeat part. They wear black outfits.
  • We have a lot of long shots that showcase the light artwork.
  • The lighting is namely orange and blue. At the chorus is in more warm colors.
  • Thereafter, the waterfall is lightened in yellow.
  • On the screen we can see orange rectangles and circular abstract orange shapes.

#10. 🇸🇪 Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

  • Sweden will rely on the same staging concept like in “Melodifestivalen 2022“.
  • The circular projection scree will be the main element on the stage.
  • The stage is dark most of the time. At the beginning we can see a yellow light at the background.
  • The outfit remains the same:  black trousers and a silver top with lots of sparkly fringing.
  • Cornelia will be barefoot on stage.
  • Cornelia will try to conquer the stage with her personality.
  • The performance will be based on the performer’s movement, as well as sophisticated camera angles.
  • The circular projection is green at the beginning and then becomes red.
  • Vocally she sounds amazing and that’s why we received some chills from her.

#11. 🇨🇿 Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights Off

  • The 3 band members stand on the stage together.
  • The guitarist  made his cello-string guitar himself, just like in the national selection live on tape.
  • Dominika, the lead vocalist, wears white-black sports shoes, and a unique outfit that includes several different fabrics and purple neckless. Her pants are of black and blue lace fabric. The upper part looks like a black undershirt. It also features a mottled part.
  • She also has purple neckless and purple earrings.
  • The boys wear a similar outfit, but a longer one in the colors black and blue or black and purple.
  • We can see a lot of electric cables at the beginning.
  • Thereafter, we see the players.
  • Dominika is supported by pre-recorded backing vocals.
  • On the backdrop LED we can see some human sculptures.
  • The performance includes a lot of light, almost everywhere in the arena.
  • The lighting is blue, light blue, white and purple.
  • We can see some cables and electric musical instruments on stage.
  • One of the sculptures appear on the LED screen on the floor in purple.
  • Vocally it sounds much better that in the pre-parties.
See you tomorrow with the full report, including coverage of anything that happens on stage, as we will be in the press center.

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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