“The Looker 2022”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 2 (Denmark, Iceland, North Macedonia)

Welcome to our series of posts – “The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
This is the second year in a row that we are running the project.
But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

Chapter 1 (Belgium, Israel, The Netherlands) can be found here

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#1. Dopha

Sofie Dopha (or just Dopha) is a 25 year-old Danish singer.
She was born and raised in Romalt, surrounded by fields and woods.
She released her first single, “September Till June”, in September 2019.
The song got positive reviews and peaked number 17th in the Danish radio stations.
At the beginning of 2020, she released another single which peaked at number 2nd in the Danish charts and stayed there for 10 cosecutive weeks.
In January 2021, she released her debut album “The Game“.

Listen to 3 of her songs:

In January 2021, she released the single “The Game” (the theme song of her first album with the same name):

In April 2021, she released the song “I’m Not Crying, You Are“:

In March 2022, she released the song “Pity Party“:

Dopha suggests a combination of pop (in plenty styles), soft rock and electro music.
She has a crystal clear voice that always comes with a sharp production.


Dugfrisk (Eng: Fresh dew) is a Danish duo, consisting of 2 members: Kasper Kildegaard and Jonas Kisby Jørgensen.
Their music
In 2021, they released their debut single “Det Var Dig” (Eng: It was you).
They are quite new to the music industry (as a collaboration) but have great music to offer.

In September 2021, they released their debut single “Det Var Dig” (Eng: It was you):

In November 2021, they released the song “Jeg kan mærke jorden danse” (Eng: I can feel the earth dancing)

In May 2022, they released the single “Touché

Dugfrisk produces 1980 – 1990 inspired by pop / rock music with great
focus on catchy melodies and elegant chords as one can
dance to.

Previous wishes: Elísabet Ormslev, Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir, KALEO


Bríet Ísis Elfar is a 23 year-old Icelandic singer-songwriter.
She was born in Reykjavík, and started performing at the annual Icelandic festival Iceland Airwaves, at the age of 15. She has also performed in jazz bars.
Her music journey has also included participation in “Iceland Got Talent“.
She released her first single, “In Too Deep” in 2018.
In 2018, she released her first EP “22.09.99“. Her debut album “Kveðja, Bríet” (Eng: Yours, Bríet) was a huge success. 8 of the songs entered Spotify’s Top 10 playlist for Iceland.
Bríet won several awards in her career:

  1. Icelandic Music Awards
    • Rising Star (2019)
    • Best Female Singer (2021)
    • Pop album of the year (2021)
    • Lyricist of the year (2021)
  2. Hlustendaverðlaunin
    • Song of the year (2021)
    • Best Female Singer (2021)
    • Pop artist of the year (2021)
    • Pop album of the year (2021)
  3. The Reykjavík Grapevine
    • Artist of the year (2021)
    • Song of the year (2021)

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2020, she released the song “Esjan“:

In 2020, she released the song “Fimm” (Eng: Five)

In 2022, she released the song “Flugdreki” (Eng: Kite)

Bríet brings an interesting mixture of country pop and Scandinavian pop.
Gaining such popularity in her country can help her in carrying the Icelandic flag in Europe.

#2. David44

David Olafsson is a 32 year old Icelandic singer-songwriter who recently lived in Denmark.
The name David44 unites David’s Icelandic and Danish background. Number 44 refers to the year 1944, when Iceland gained its independence from Denmark.
David released his first single, “Run“, in 2016.
His first album, “Truth“, was released in 2019.
Since then he has released plenty of singles.

In 2019, he released “Levitate“:

In 2019, he released “Truth,” the theme song of his debut album:

In 2021, he released the single “Understood“:

David creates and procudes electro-pop music with elements of house music and that’s what makes him stand out.

Previous wishes: Victoria Loba, Cyrillic, Kanita Suma

#1. Antonia Gigovska

Antonia Gigovska is a 21 year-old North Macedonian singer. She was born and raised in the capital city Skopje.
Her music mentor was Professor Ana Kostadinovska.
During the years 2015-2016, she participated in the show “Punk Starts” where she ended in the 7th place.
In 2017, she was one of the 5 jurors of North Macedonia at Eurovision 2017.
In 2017, she released her debut single “Невреме” (Eng: storm).
In 2018, she participated in the Romanian competition “Golden Deer” where she won second place.
In 2018, she won the 33rd edition of the annual traditional national festival “Mekfest” with the song “Никогаш не вели никогаш” (Eng: Never Say Never).
In 2018 and 2019, she was one of the backing vocalists for North Macedonia at Eurovision.
Since then, she has released several singles, some of which became a success in Serbia and North Macedonia.

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2020, she released the song “Kriva Sum” (Eng: I’m Guilty) :

In 2021, she released the single “магла / Magla” (Eng: Fog):

In June 2022, she released the song “Atlantida” (Eng: Atlantis):

Antonia is a strong vocalist. It seems like she can stand out with a Balkan song that includes some modern elements.
One of her advantages is the ability to give up an updated upbeat pop song, as well as emotional ballads.

#2. Martija Stanojkovi

Martija is a rising star in the North Macedonian music scene.
She is an 18 year-old singer who has released some hits.
In 2019, she took part in the annual traditional national festival “Mekfest“.

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2018, she released the song “Next To Me“:

In 2019, she released the song “Vozbuda i Ljubov” (Eng: Excitement and Love):

In 2021, she released the single “NE VOLIŠ” (Eng: You Don’t Like)

Martija has already improved she can give you the pop hits you need.
Maybe there could be a change in direction for North Macedonia at Eurovision?

What do you think about the recommended artists?
Stay tuned for more recommendations to come, next time we will travel to other countries.

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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