Israel: Tzvika Pick (Israel 1998 Composer) Passed Away

Clouds of sadness and sorrow covered Israel’s sky today.
Tzvika Pick, one of the most popular musicians in the country passed away.

Tzvika Pick was an Israeli composer, singer, producer and actor.
He became known in 1970, when he starred in the musical “Hair“.
He has relesed 17 akbums during his career, the latest of them in 2006.
He died at the age of 72, due to heart failure.

For Eurovision fans, he is mostly known for composing the song “Diva” for Dana International at Eurovision 1998. The song brought Israel the 3rd trophy in Eurovision history and is considered groundbreaking regarding the deep relationship between the Eurovision Song Contest and the LGBT community.

Dana International, Eurovision 1998 winner, mourned him in an Instagram post:

“A musical genius has left us”

In 2002, he composed the Israeli entry for Eurovision 2002 – “Light a Candle,” performed by Sarit Hadad:

In addition, Tzvika Pick was the composer of the song “Hasta La Vista” – the debut of Ukraine at Eurovision 2003:

Tzvika is well known for his multiple attempts to represent Israel at Eurovision (as a perfomer).
Let’s do a quick review of his songs in the national selection for Israel over the years:

1979 – “אין לי איש מלבדי” (Eng: I have no one besides me) – The song ended in the 2nd place in the national selection.

1982 – “רומנטיקה” (Eng: Romantica). Ended in 6th place

1986 – “לילה לילה” (Eng: Night, night) – Ended in 7th place

1987 – “דומינו” (Eng: Domino). Ended in 10th place

1993 – “ארטיק קרטיב” (Eng popsitcle). Ended in 7th place

2005 – “אור ירח” (Eng: Moon Light). Ended in 3rd place:

2006 – “לפני שנפרדים” (Eng: Before we break up):

Tzvika left 5 children behind him and a wonderful herritage of music and culture.
ESCBEAT team is sending condolences and hugs to the family.
May he rest in peace.

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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