Finland: Ann-Christine Nyström representative of Finland 1966 has passed away.

Ann-Christine Nyström became a singer in 1961 after being successful in Kulttuuritalo’s Nuorten tanssihetki singing competition with the song ”Bei mir bist du schön” (ENG With me you’re beautiful).
As a reward, Ann-Christine Nyström received a recording contract, and in 1962 she recorded ”Lalaika’‘, which is based on a Russian folk tune that became a big hit.
After the massive success of ”Lalaika”, she recorded and released more songs.

Ann-Christine also made joint recordings with Johnny singing ”Esynyt hollde oon” and The Renegades ”Comin’ Home Baby”.
In addition, she visited, among others, as a soloist of Tauno Suojanen band, Jussi Itkonen ‘s The Strangers and Jussi Itkonen ‘s The Strangers and Dannyn Islandersien.

In 1966 Ann-Christine represented Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 1966 with the song ”Playboy” and she came 10th place with 7 points. ”Playboy” became popular in Finland after the contest.

In an interview in 2014, Ann-Christine said that she was happy to be able to perform that particular song at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“It suited me so well,” said Nyström-Silén. “I was myself, a complete pop girl.”

Ann-Christine moved to Sweden in the mid-1970s and changed singing to everyday life. She worked there for the rest of her life. In Finland, she was last seen at Finland on Danny’s 70th-anniversary concert at Musiikkitalo in November 2012.

Danny praised her singing skills:

“Her talent would have been enough for anything. I don’t understand why her stopped singing,”

At the same time, Ann-Christine told them their reason for leaving the singing career and show business.

“My father died in 1973 of a heart attack at our villa. I found him in the bathroom. That’s why I stopped singing. I liked that I have been singing for more than ten years and have been at the top, even in the Eurovision Song Contest. I liked that now something else.”

She passed away on Wednesday,5th October 2022, at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, due to a weakening heart function caused by a long-term illness. Her husband Arne Silén tells Finnish newsagent Helsingin Sanomat. She was 78 years old.

ESCBEAT Team wants to send our condolences to her family, friends, and everyone who knew her personally or was a fan of her work.

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