Amaury Vassili Wins The Mask Singer France

It has been for weeks that some Eurovision fans noticed a familiar voice coming out from “the turtle”, one of the funniest ever custom in the history of the reality show “The mask Singer”.

Tonight, at the grand final of the French version 4th season the speculation confirmed as true when the Opera singer and the French representative for Eurovision 2011 won the contest and unmasked himself as Amaury Vassili.

During the season, Amaury had his interpretation for some mega hits inc. “”Hello” by Adele, “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, and “Titanium” by David Guetta & Sia. and nailed it each time. The same way as he did when he conquered the Eurovision stage in Düsseldorf with his powerful strong voice singing her rememberable “Sognu”. then he only came 15th position in the grand final collecting 82 points in total.

This is not the first time that a Eurovison legend has won the contest. In 2020 it was Eurovision 1986 winner for Belgium Sandra Kim that won the Belgian version as “The Queen”. she also teased her relation to the contest while singing one of the Eurovision all time favorites “Euphoria” by Loreen during the early rounds of the show.

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