Belgium: Meet The 7 Candidates In “Eurosong 2023”!

Flemish broadcaster VRT, has revealed the 7 artists who will compete in the national selection for Eurovision 2023.

The host of the national selection will be Peter Van de Veire

Let’s get to know the 7 artists:

#1. The Starlings

The Starlings is an indie-pop-folk duo that was formed in 2018.
The duo consist of Tom Dice and his wife Kato Callebaut.
Tom Dice is a 33 year old singer-songwriter who represented Belgium at Eurovision 2010 with the song “Me and My Guitar“.
He finished 6th in the final in 2010

Kato became known in 2011, after finishing 2nd in the “Belgian Idol 2011″.
Their album “Don’t Look Back” peaked at number 2nd in the charts.

You can listen to one of their songs:

#2. Cherine Mroue

Cherine is a 27 year old singer.
She started her career in 2017, when particiapted in “The Voice of Flanders” where she was eliminated in the live show rounds.
Her mentor was Alex Callier from Hooverphonic
In 2019, she participated in “The Voice of France”, and in 2022 she returned to the contest once again.
Earlier this year, she was a finalist in the “MNM Rising Star“.

You can listen to some covers she made:

#3. Loredana

Loredana is a 34 year old Belgian singer with Italian roots.
She is well known as part of the group 2 Fabiola.
The group competed in Belgium‘s selection for Eurovision 2014 with the song

The song didn’t win in the national selection, but became a big radio hit in 2014.
Earlier this year, Loredana participated in “The Masked Singer” and ended 2nd in the final

You can watch one of her performances:

#4. Hunter Falls

Hunter Falls is the stage name of the singer Tchiah Ommar Abdulrahman.
The 27 year old singer has Kurdish roots and so has lived in Belgium, Iraq, and the UK.
He rose to fame in 2013, when participated in “The Voice of Flanders”.
In 2017, he ended in 3rd place in “MNM Rising Star”.
In recent years, he has collaborated with DJ Peter Luts.

Let’s listen to one of his songs:

#5. Ameerah

Astrid Roelants is the singer standing behind the stage name Ameerah.
She is 39 years old.
She participated in the “Belgian Idol” as the beginning of her career.
In 2004, she participated in the national selection with the song “Don’t Stop The Music”

In 2009, she released the mega hit “The Sound of Missing You”:

#6. Gala Dragot

Gala Dragot is 17 years old and she is the youngest of the participants in the national selection this year.
Her father is a well-known figure in Albanian showbiz. Gala also plays the piano.
In 2020, she won “The Voice of Kids” in Belgium.
You can watch her final performance:

In 2020, she released the song “Contagious”:

#7. Gustaph

Stef Caers (mostly known as Gustaph) is a 42 year old Felmish singer, songwriter, producer and singing teacher.
In 2000, he released the song “Gonna Lose You”

You can listen to one of his latest relases:

Gustaph was part of the Belgian delegation in 2018 and 2021, as a backing vocalist.

Belgian Eurosong 2023 – Additional Details

  • 7 artists will participate in the national selection.
  • Each one of the artists will perform 2 different songs for the public. One of them will make it to the final.
  • The songs will be revealed starting on the 9th of January 2023
  • โ€œEurosong 2023โ€ณ final will be held on the  14th of January 2023.
  • On the final, the 7 artists will perform, one song per artist.
  • The results will be determined by a combination of public vote and professional jury.
  • National selection will be held at Palace 12, Brussels.
  •  Duncan Laurence, who won Eurovision 2019, representing The Netherlands, will be part of the professional jury

Who are your favorite artists among the mentioned artists in the article?
Do you think Belgium will succeed in Eurovision 2023?

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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