Estonia: What Can We Tell About “Eesti Laul 2023” Artists and Songs?

2 weeks ago, 20 participants of “Eesti Laul 2023” were announced.
In this article, we will try to give additional details about the songs.
The 20 songs in the line-up will be revealed in a special show on ETV on the 2nd of December 2022

#1. Alika Miolva — “Bridges”

Alika wrote the song “Bridges” together with the Dutch musician Wouter Hardy who also was one of the writers of “Arcade” (The Netherlands, Eurovision 2019).
The song symbolizes the bridges that exist in every person’s life. The singer explained that everyone’s life has bridges that consist of memories, experiences, problems and good feelings.

#2. Carlos Ukareda —  “Whiskey Won’t Forget”

Carlos Ukareda rose to fame after participating in the “Estonian Poo Idol” in 2018.
He is very excited to get back to the Estonian public.
His song “Whiskey Won’t Forget” is about breakup, or most precisely about how the good moments tend to be remembered after a relationship ends.
The song begins with a hard moment, but makes us step forward to positive direction.

Let’s listen to one of his songs:

#3. Andreas — “Why Do You Love Me”

Young singer Andreas Poom will make his debut in “Eesti Laul 2023“.
The song “Why Do You Love Me?” was created in a songwriting camp in Sweden.
The song was written by Andreas, in collaboration with Finnish singer Julia Sundberg and international writer Alan Roy Scott (who stands behind Azerbaijan‘s song for Eurovision 2020 and Celine Dion’s songs).
The song talks about a doubt: The spokesperson wonders why he still has friends or why he deserves to have more friendships.
The song is melacholic with non-linear progress. It has both high and low moments, and mainly emotions.

You can listen to one of his songs:

#4. Elysa   “Bad Philosophy”

Elysa will try her luck in “Eesti Laul” for the 3rd time.
Her first attempt was in 2015 (under the name Elisa Kolk), while her second attempt was in 2022 with the song “Fire” (and then she finished in 3rd place in the final).
This year, she brings a different flavour of song.
Elysa is one of the writers, alongside Estonian musician Stig Rästa (who participate in “Eesti Laul” multiple times and represented the country at Eurovision 2015).
Additional names of the writers are: Vallo Kikas (was one of the writers of Estonia 2019), Romanian producer Alex Ghinea and Norwegian singer Anne Gudrun Michaelsen.

#5. Anett x Fredi  “You Need To Move On”

Anett and Fredi will return for another attempt in “Eesti Laul“.
Their first attempt was a successful one with “Write About Me” which gave them the 3rd place in the final of “Eesti Laul 2020

The duo decided to submit a song for “Eesti Laul 2023” towards the very end of the deadline.
You Need To Move On” is also thematically a continuation of the last competition song “Write About Me”. It talks about chemistry and connection, but also about failures in relationships.

#6. Kaw  “Valik” (Eng: The Choice)

The musician Kevin Keevallik (aka Kaw) is very excited about his first participation in “Eesti Laul”.
The song is about different choices in our life, both difficult and easy ones.
The song is described as a combination of rock and rap.

You can listen to one of his songs:

#7. Inger — “Awaiting You”

Inger will return for “Eesti Laul” for the 3rd time.
The first attempt was in 2019 with the song “Coming Home” (6th place in the final)

The second attempt was in 2020 with the song “Only Dream

Now Inger will compete with the song “Awaiting You“.
The singer describes the song as a different one compared to the previous ones.
This time Inger will perform faster and upbeat, without any musical instrument on the stage.

#8. Sissi   “Lighthouse”

Sissi is the daughter of Dave Benton, who was part of the duo that won Eurovision 2001 as Estonia’s representative.
Sissi has already participated twice in “Eesti Laul”:

  • In 2019, she competed with “Strong” and finished in 4th place in the final.
  • In 2021, she competed with “Time” and ended up as the runner-up.

Sissi composed and wrote the song herself. The melody is based on piano playing.
While in her first 2 attempts, she wrote songs especially for Eurovision and “Eesti Laul”, this time the focus was on the song.
She described the creation process as a very short one.
“Lighthouse” is about keeping a promise. The song discusses the ability to feel several emotions at once.

#9. Wiiralt  “Salalik” (Eng: Secret)

Rock band Wiiralt should have joined forces with Ulthima Thule.
Wiiralt has already participated in “Eesti Laul 2021” with the song “Tuuled“, but didn’t qualify for the final.

This time, Estonian rock band Wiiralt should have joined forces with rock band Ulthima Thule.
Martin Saaremägi (The guitarist and the frontman of the band) has said that Ulthima Thule is one of his inspirations is music.
2 of Wiiralt’s members: Vahur Krautman (lead singer) and Martin Saaremägi (guitarist) created the song together in a half hour.
Musically, they described the song as a return to their musical roots.
However, due to the death of  Ulthima Thule‘s lead singer, it has been decided that Wiiralt will compete themselves in the selection.

#10. Neon Letters & Maiko  “Tokimeki”

Estonian duo Neon Letters consists of Johanna Holvandus and Aap-Eerik Lai.
Their music can mainly be described as electro pop.
They joined forces with the Japanese singer Maiko Tammik.
For all of them, it will be the first participation in “Eesti Laul“.
Maiko herself watches “Eesti Laul” every year and she is thrilled to take part as an artist this year.
Together, they will perform the song “Tokimeki” (Eng: throbbing / beat).
The song title is in the Japanese language !

You can listen to one of Neon Letters’ song:

You can listen to Maiko and Jüri Pootsmann‘s cover for “Play” (Estonia, Eurovision 2016, originally performed by Jüri Pootsmann):

#11. Ollie — “Venom”

The singer Oliver Mazurtšak (better known as Ollie) will make his debut in “Eesti Laul” this year.
He usually performs rock songs, and it will probably be his direction in the contest as well.
The song is about the situation where someone “imprints” himself in your blood so deeply that it’s impossible to get rid of him. This will span the thin limits between love, obsession and power.

You can listen to one of his songs:

#12. Ellip  “Pretty Girl”

Estonian singer, songwriter, DJ, and radio host Pille-Riin Karro (better known as Ellip) will compete in “Eesti Laul” for the first time.
However, she confessed that she has also submitted a song for “Eesti Laul 2016“.
Back then, her song wasn’t shortlisted, and she is happy about it (since she wasn’t ready in her opinion).
She usually makes music in the fields of jazz, hip-hop, and electro.
As a child, she was a part of the “Ice Scream” group.
She started releasing songs in 2019.
According to her, we can expect a non-standard song with a unique style.
Pretty Girl” is powerful and tries to remind people how capable they really are.

You can listen to one of her songs:

#13. Robin Juhkental  “Kurbuse matused” (Eng: Funeral of Sadness)

Robin Juhkental is a 34 year old Estonian singer.
He is mostly known for being the lead singer of the band Malcolm Lincoln, who represented Estonia at Eurovision 2010 with the song “Siren” (and unfortunately didn’t qualify for the final)

In 2012, Malcolm Lincoln participated in “Eesti Laul 2012” with the song “Bye“, but didn’t qualify for the final.

In “Eesti Laul 2015” , Robin Juhkental  collaborated with the The Big Bangers on the song “Troubles“.
They ended up in 6th place in the final

Now, Robin is returning for another opportunity.
Robin revealed he won’t be alone on stage while performing in “Eesti Laul 2023“.
Even though the song title is a little pompous, the singer promises the song won’t rely on cliches.
He admits that he is now a more prepared person, compared to 21 year old Robin who won “Eesti Laul 2023″.

#14. Merlyn  “Unicorn Vibes”

Merlyn Uusküla (with the new stage name Merlyn) will make her debut in “Eesti Laul”.
She describes her song “Unicorn Vibes” as 180 degrees different from other songs in her repertoire.
That’s why she has also decided to compete under the name Merlyn.
The style of the song “Unicorn Vibes” is described as very western. She won’t talk about love and relationships, but about high energy – the key to success in life.

You can listen to one of her songs:

#15. Meelik   “Tuju” (Eng: Mood)

Meelik band will return to “Eesti Laul” after multiple attempts in the past.
In “Eesti Laul 2012” they performed the song “Oblivion” under the name Tenfold Rabbit.
They finished 3rd in the final:

In “Eesti Laul 2013“, they performed the song “Balance Of Water & Stone” and ended 8th in the final:

This time, they will perform the song “Tuju” (Eng: mood).
The song will talk about being young, having fun and love.
The fun fact is that the band members forgot about submitting a song for “Eesti Laul 2023“, and were surprised to advance for the semi-finals.

#16. M Els   “So Good At What You Do”

Young singer Merili Käsper (better known as M ELS) will participate in “Eesti Laul” for the first time.
She was discovered by Stig Rästa in a song writing course.
Later on, Stig invited her to record songs in the studio.
She recorded the song “So Good At What You Do“, but has never released it.
However, after consulting with one of the writers, Gevin Niglas, she decided to submit the entry for “Eesti Laul 2023“.
One of the songwriters is Estonia’s representative for Eurovision 2022Stefan Airapetjan.

Let’s listen to one her covers:

#17. Janek  “House Of Glass”

Janek Valgepea will compete in “Eesti Laul” for the first time.
He had the luck to collaborate with Norwegian singer-songwriter Kjetil Morland, who represented Norway at Eurovision 2015 as part of a duo.

The song “House of Glass” will relate to the sensitive point where relationship breaks to its end.
The message of the song emphasizes the importance of solving things via a healthy conversation, solving the problems in a responsible way and moving forward.
Music wise, the song will reflect Scandinavian influences.
One of the aims is that every listener will have his own meaning for the lyrics.

Let’s listen to one his songs:

#18. Mia  “Üks samm korraga” (Eng: One Step at a Time)

MIA will make her debut in “Eesti Laul” this year.
The song “Üks samm korraga” is a self reminder to take things easy and enjoy the process.
In the spring, MIA slowly started to get back to creating music, and that’s where the song was born.

You can listen to one of her songs:

#19. Linalakk, Bonzo  “Aeg” (Eng: Time)

Liina Tsimmer (better known as Linalakk) will collaborate with Bonzo on the song “Aeg” (Eng: Time).
This will be her first experience in “Eesti Laul“.
However, for Bonzo it won’t be the first trial.
In “Eesti Laul 2013” , Bonzo was part of Kõrsikud band, and performed the song (4th place in the final)

In 2014, Kõrsikud competed in “Eesti Laul 2014” with the song “Tule ja jää” (8th place in the final):

Linalakk wrote and composed the song herself.
Aeg” is a ballad about unconditional love and admiration of a person through time

Let’s listen to one of Linalkk‘s songs:

#20. Bedwetters —“Monsters”

Bedwetters are an Estonian pop-punk band. The band consists of 5 members: Joosep Järvesaar, Mihkel Mõttus, Karl-Kristjan Kingi, Kaspar Koppel, and Rauno Kutti.
Bedwetters were formed in 2004 and made their big breakthrough in 2007.
However, they disbanded between 2013 and June 2022.
Eesti Laul 2023” participation will also symbolize their reunion.

In “Eesti Laul 2011“, Karl-Kristjan Kingi was part of Outloudz (together with Stig Rästa) and performed the song “I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan“. They finished 2nd in the final.

In 2016, Joosep Järvesaar collaborated with Cartoon and Kristel Aaslaid on the song “Immortality”

In 2017, Karl-Kristjan and Whogaux feat. Maian participated in “Eesti Laul 2017“. They finished 4th in the final.

In “Eesti Laul 2018“, Karl-Kristjan and Karl Killing feat. Wateva performed the song “Young” and ended in 8th place in the final:

Which artists are you excited about?
Do you think Estonia has the potential to do well this year?

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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