Around the Continent 2023: Week 18


The semi-final allocation draw will be held on Tuesday, the 31st of January 2023, at 20:00 CET and will be available online on the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

The hosts of the event will be AJ Odudu and Rylan.

  • The ceremony will also include the Host City Insignia Exchange.
  • The slogan for Eurovision 2023 will be revealed
  • The 31 countries that participate in the semi-finals will be allocated into 5-6 pots, based on historical voting patterns
  • Each pot will include 5-7 countries. From each pot, half of the countries will be allocated in each one of the semi-finals.
  • Each semi-finalist will get scheduled for the first/second half of the show it will perform at.
  • 6 automatic qualifiers: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine – will be drawn in one of the semi-finals where they will broadcast and be able to vote in

The submission window closed on the 31st of December 2022.
Azerbaijani Head of Delegation, Mr. Vasif Mammadov revealed the following details:

  • Composers and songwriters from 4 different parts of the world submitted songs.
  • The majority of the songs came from foreign creators
  • One of the broadcasters’ aims for Eurovision 2023 is showcasing the Azeri culture and music.
  • Therefore, a priority will be given to local songwriters and composers
  • In contrast to recent years, the submissions were open to any Azeri artist. Each artist could have submitted their own proposals.

However, due to a growing interest of local musicians and writers, Ictimai TV extended the deadline to 15th of January 2023

The identity of the Azeri artist for Eurovision 2023 will be known at the end of January 2023!

Belgium will hold the final of “Eurosong 2023” on Saturday.

So far, these songs have been selected for Saturday’s final:

They will perform in the running order:

  1. Hunter Falls – Ooh La La
  2. Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas 
  3. The Starlings  Rollercoaster
  4. Ameerah – The Carnival
  5. Gustaph  Because Of You
  6. Gala Dragot  t ‘inquiète 
  7. Loredana – You Lift Me Up 


YouTube playlist

Spotify Playlist

The results will be determined by a 50% professional jury and a 50% public vote.

VRT revealed that 15 music experts will be included in the professional jury panel and these are:

  1. Laura Tesoro (Belgium, Eurovision 2016)
  2. Jérémie Makiese (Belgium, Eurovision 2022)
  3. NikkieTutorials (Host Eurovision 2021, The Netherlands)
  4. Alexander Rybak (2009 Eurovision winner, Norway)
  5. Laura Govaerts (Presenter MNM)
  6. Ann Reymen (Presenter Radio 2)
  7. Korneel De Clercq (Presenter Radio 1)
  8. Thibault Christiaensen (Presenter Studio Brussels)
  9. Francisco Schuster (Actor, singer, dancer)
  10. Leslie Cable (Head of Delegation Eurovision Song Contest RTBF)
  11. Jasper Van Biesen ( and author 65 years of Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest )
  12. Stephan Monsieur (President OGAE Belgium)
  13. André Vermeulen (Retired VRT journalist)
  14. Els Germonpré (Music Coordinator One)
  15. Manu Lammens (Music manager MNM)

The first 4 judged will be present in the arena alongside the show. While the remaining 11 will stay behind the scenes,
They will make expert comments following the live performances.
The jury panel (all 15 members) will grant points that will have a weight of 50% of the final decision.

Each jury member will grant 4-8, 10,12 points to the 7 artists. Therefore, 780 points will be granted by the jury.
780 points from the public will be spread between the artists, based on a proportional system.
This means that if one artist get 50% of the votes, this artist will receive 390 points.

You can listen to each one of the songs by clicking on its title

  1. Barbara Munjas – Putem Snova (Eng: Through Dreams)
  2. Boris Štok – Grijeh (Eng: Sin)
  3. Damir Kedžo – Angels And Demons
  4. Đana – Free Falin’
  5. Detour – Master Blaster
  6. Eni Jurišić – Kreni Dalje (Eng: Go Further)
  7. Hana Mašić – Nesreća (Eng: Accident)
  8. Harmonija Disonance – Nevera (Lei,lei) (Eng: Infidelity)
  9. Krešo I Kisele Kiše – Kme Kme
  10. Let 3 – Mama Šč!
  11. Maja Grgić – I Still Live
  12. Martha May – Distance
  13. Meri Andraković – Bye Bye Blonde
  14. Patricia Gasparini – I Will Wait
  15. Tajana Belina – Dom
  16. The Splitters – Lost And Found
  17. Top Of The Pops Ft. Mario 5reković – Putovanje
  18. Yogi – Love At First Sight

YouTube Playlist

Dora 2023” will be held on Saturday, the 11th of February 2023.
The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury votes.

The 8 artists and songs for “Dasnk Melodi Grand Prix 2023” will be revealed on Thuursday, the 19th of January 2023

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023” will be held on Saturday, the 11th of February 2023

The semi-finals of “Eesti Laul 2023” are held this week.
5 artists qualified from semi-final 1 for the final:

  1. Andreas Why Do You Love Me?
  2. OLLIE Venom
  3. Anett x Fredi – You Need to Move On
  4. Bedwetters – Monsters
  5. Janek  House Of Glass

The second semi-final will be held on Saturday, featuring additional 10 artists.
5 of them will qualify for the final:

  1. Inger Awaiting You
  2. Linalakk & Bonzo – Aeg
  3. Meelik Tuju
  4. Elysa Bad Philosophy
  5. Robin Juhkental – Kurbuse matused
  6. M els – So Good At What You Do
  7. Wiiralt – Salalik
  8. Sissi Lighthouse
  9. Carlos Ukareda – Whiskey Won’t Forget
  10. Alika Bridges

Links to the digital platform playlist

Apple Music

You can read our full review here:

YLE revealed the 7 participants in “UMK 2023”:

  1. Keira – No Business On The Dancefloor
  2. Benjamin Peltonen – Hoida mut [Eng: Do Me]
  3. Robin Packalen – Girls Like You (will be released on January 16th)
  4. Lxandra – Something To Lose (will be released on January 17th)
  5. Käärijä – Cha Cha Cha (will be released on January 18th)
  6. KUUMAA – Ylivoimainen [Eng: Overpowered(will be released on January 19th)
  7. Portion Boys  – Samaa taivasta katsotaan [Eng: We look at the same sky] (will be released on January 20th)

Playlists on different digital platforms will be updated on a daily basis:



UMK 2023″ will be held at LogomoTurku, on 25th February 2023.
The results will be determined by a combination of international jury and public vote

France has internally selected La Zarra to represent the country at Eurovision 2023.

La Zarra is the stage name of Fatima Zahra Hafdi – she is a 25 year-old Canadian-Moroccan singer.
Her song will be released within 3 weeks. It will be in the French language. The song will combine a number of genres, with some modern elements.

The first round of “The Voice of Georgia” live shows was held on Thursday.
24 artists were split into 2 shows.
In the first show, Sopho Toroshelidze team (6 candidates) and Sopho Toroshelidze team (6 candidates) took the stage.
The top 4 of each team advanced for the next show.

Therefore, 20 artists remained in the race:

  1. Sopho Toroshelidze TeamSalome TsintsadzeLika SiradzeTina Datikashvili, Mariam Toronjadze
  2. Dato Porchkhidze TeamTsotne Barbakadze, Erekle Turkadze, Iru Khechanov, Irakli KapanadzeTako KakalashviliEkaterine Mdivani
  3. Stephane Mgebrishvili TeamLikuna TutisaniSaba Chachua, Dato Rusadze, Anka Tatarashvili.
  4. Dato Evgenidze Team: Giorgi DataishviliGvantsa KupatadzeAlegroGiorgi Putkaradze, Kakha Aslamazashvili, Ani Nozadze

The Greek artist for Eurovision 2023, will be revealed by the end of January 2023.
The 7 artists are:

  1. Leon of Athens – Somewhere to Go [upbeat dance pop with influences of the 1980’s music]
  2. Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragkou – Shout Out!  [pop/rock uptempo]
  3. Konstantina Iosifidou – We are Young [a pop rock song]
  4. Klavdia – Holy Water [melodic ballad with significant lyrics]
  5. Monika – I’m Proud [mid-tempo song]
  6. Victor Vernicos – What They Say [an emotional ballad]
  7. Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar [dance pop that talks about women’s empowerment]

“Unser Lied für Liverpool” (Eng: our song for Liverpool) will be held on Friday, the 3rd of March 2023 at 22:20 CET.
The host will be the beloved  Barbara Schöneberger

The number of finalists remains unknown and will be in the range of 6-12.
However, according to ESC Komapkt, it seems like the professional committee has shortlisted 9 artists to participate in the final.
They will be joined by one of the candidates on the Tik-Tok submission path.

The Tik-Tok wildcard will be chosen through a public vote. This voting runs from January 27th to February 3rd. You can find out the result live in the first edition of the new show “Alles Eurovision” with Alina Stiegler and Stefan Spiegel on February 4 at 18:00 CET

Listeners to regional ARD music stations from:
Antenne Brandenburg, BAYERN 3, Bremen Vier, hr3, MDR Jump, NDR 2, SR 1, SWR3 and WDR will be able to vote for their favorite songs in the lead-up to the live final.

Ireland’s “Eurosong 2023” will be held on the 3rd of February 2023.
The show will be part of “The Late Late Show”

  1. ADGY – Too Good for Your Love
  2. Connolly – Midnight Summer Night
  3. Wild Youth – We Are One
  4. Leila Jane – Wild
  5. K Muni & ND – Down in the Rain
  6. Public Image Ltd – Hawaii

Links to the digital platform playlist

Apple Music

The results will be determined by a combination of public voting, international jury and national jury.

Supernova 2023” will feature 14 songs

Main details:

  1. Supernova 2023” will feature 2 shows:
    • Semi-Final on Saturday, the 4th of February 2023
    • Final on Saturday, the 11th of February 2023
  2. The results of each show will be determined by a 50% public vote and 50% professional jury

Playlists can be found here:




Very soon, we will publish our written review of the songs!

A few of the songs from “Pabandom iš Naujo 2023” have been released and you can find them here:

  1. Agnė – New Start
  2. Aistė Pilvelytė – We’re Not Running
  3. Alen Chicco – Do You
  4. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys – Sėdi ir važiuoji (Sit down and drive)
  5. Baiba – When the Lights Go Out
  6. Beatrich – Like a Movie
  7. Donata – Dreamer
  8. Gabrielius Vagelis – Šauksmas (Shout)
  9. Gebrasy – Saw Your Ghost
  10. Il Senso – Sparnai (Wings)
  11. I. T. – Žinau, tai tu (I know it’s you)
  12. Joseph June – Vacuum
  13. Justa Rubežiūtė – When I’ll Find
  14. Justė Kraujelytė – Need More Fun
  15. Justin 3 feat. Dj AugustYno – Not Giving Up
  16. Luknė – Paradise
  17. Mario Junes – Do What You Do
  18. Matt Len – Midnight Train
  19. Melona – Song Of Whispers
  20. Monika Linkytė – Stay
  21. MoonBee – Rumor
  22. Multiks – London
  23. NOY – Destiny’s Child
  24. Paulina Paukštaitytė – Let Me Think About Me
  25. Petunija – Love of my life
  26. Rūta MUR – So Low
  27. The PiXLES – Šaukt
  28. Viktorija Faith – If You Ever Miss Me
  29. Voldemaras Petersonas – Things
  30. W.I – You Can Not

YouTube Playlist

The Dates

  • Heat 1 – Saturday, 21st of January 2023
  • Heat 2 – Saturday, 28th of January 2023
  • Semi-Final 1 – Saturday, 4th of February 2023
  • Semi-Final 2 – Saturday, 11th of February 2023
  • Grand Final – Saturday, 18th of February 2023

A total of 40 songs will compete in the Maltese selection.
13 of them participated in the first quarter-final:

  1. Haley – Tik Tok
  2. Stefan Xuereb – What do you Want?
  3. Clintess – Lura Qatt
  4. Fabizio Faniello – Try To Be Better
  5. Eliana Gomez Blanco – Guess what
  6. Christian Arding – Eku Car
  7. Jason Scerri – Anything can happen
  8. Maria Debono – X’allegrija
  9. Geo Debono – The Mirror
  10. Mike – Lehen Fic-Cpar
  11. Aidan – Regina
  12. Nathan – Creeping Walls
  13. Klinsmann – Piranah

You can listen to 30 seconds snippets here

YouTube Playlist

8 artists will qualify from quarter-final 1 for the semi-final.
The results will be known only in the 4th quarter-final (after all 40 participants will perform).

About “MESC 2023”

  1. The selection process will include 3 quarter-finals, 1 semi-final, and a final.
  2. 13-14 artists will participate in each quarter-final, and 8 of them will qualify for the semi-final
  3. 24 artists will compete in the semi-finals, and 16 of them will qualify for the final
  4. 16 artists will compete in the final and the winner will represent Malta at Eurovision 2023
  5. The results of each show will be determined by a combination of a national jury and a public vote
  6. The qualifiers from the quarter-finals will be announced at the end of the last quarter-final
  7. The dates for “MESC 2023”:
  • Quarter-Final 1 – 13th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 2 – 20th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 3 – 27th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 4 (Results Show) – 4th of February 2023
  • Semi-Final – 9th of February 2023
  • Grand Final – 11th of February 2023

The hosts for the quarter-finals are:

The semi-final and final hosts are:

The first semi-final of “Melodi Grand Prix 2023” will be held tonight.
7 artists will compete for 3 spots in the final.
The results will be based on 100% public vote

Running order for semi-final 1:

  1. Alessandra Mele — Queen of Kings (The Voice of Norway)
  2. Erik Næss — Wave
  3. Rasmus Thall — TRESKO
  4. Kate Gulbrandsen — Tårer I Paradis (Eurovision 1987)
  5. Umami Tsunami — Geronimo
  6. Ulrikke — Honestly (Eurovision 2020)
  7. Jowst & Byron Williams Jr — Freaky for the Weekend (JOWST: Eurovision 2017)

You can find the full playlist on different digital platforms:


Read Doron’s review of semi-final 1 songs here

The deadline for submission for the Polish selection for Eurovision 2023 has been extended.
The original deadline was the 15th of January and was now set to the 10th of February 2023.

The extension of the deadline is due to the massive interest of Polish artists.
Polish broadcaster TVP will shortlist up to 10 artists to participate in the televised show.
TVP has the right to invite one artist, outside of the submissions.
Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję” will be held on the 26h of February 2023.

As for last year, the results will be determined by 2 rounds, where each one of them is decided by 50% national jury and 50% public vote.
3 artists will qualify for the 2nd round and the votes will be reset at the beginning of the 2nd round

According to the Polish media, the following artists have shown interest in participating in the national selection:

  • Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny
  • Maja Hyży
  • Charles Dziedzic
  • Lidia Kopania (Eurovision 2009, Polish selection 2022)
  • Kuba Szmajkowski (Polish selection 2022)
  • Daria (Polish selection 2022)
  • Dominik Dudek (The Voice of Poland 2013)
  • Dominika Kwiatkowska
  • Justyna Dobroć
  • Blanca
  • Cynthia Verazie Ziętara
  • Patrick Silvar
  • Skolim
  • Ronny
  • Natasza Urbanska
  • Spleen
  • Felivers

The 20 artists and songs of “Festival da Canção 2023″ will be revealed on Thursday, the 19th of January 2023

The semi-final split (based on the authors of the songs):

While the casting academy for “Una Voce Per San Marino 2023” still continues,

The dates for the semi-finals and final were published:

  • 5 semi-finals: will be broadcast on the 18th, 19th and 20th of February 2023. They won’t be held live.
  • Final: Saturday, the 25th of February 2023

Serbia will select an artist and a song for Eurovision 2023 via “Pesma za Evroviziju 2023”

Pesma za Evroviziju 2023” will be held throughout the 3 evenings:

  • Semi-Final 1: Wednesday, 1st of March 2023
  • Semi-Final 2: Thursday, 2nd of March 2023
  • Grand Final: Saturday, 4th of March 2023

Serbian broadcaster RTS, published the list of 32 artists and song titles for the national selection:

  1. Adem Mehmedović – Osmeh (Eng: Smile)
  2. Aleksandar Simić & Nenad Osmanović – Viva la vida
  3. Angellina – Lanac (Eng: Chain)
  4. Boris Subotić – Nedostupan (Eng: Unavailable)
  5. Chegi & Braća Bluz Bend – Svadba ili kavga (Eng: Wedding or fight)
  6. Doris Milošević – Tišina (Eng: Silence)
  7. Drai – Loše procene (Eng: Bad estimates)
  8. Dzipsii – Greh (Eng: Sin)
  9. Eegor – Starac dana (Eng: Old man of the day)
  10. Empathy Soul Project – Indigo
  11. Filarri – Posle mene (Eng: After me)
  12. Filip Baloš – Novi plan drugi san (Eng: New plan, second dream)
  13. Filip Žmaher – Čujemo se sutra (Eng: See You Tomorrow)
  14. Frajle – Neka, neka (Eng: Let Let)
  15. Gift – Liberta (Eng: Liberty)
  16. Hercenšlus – Vremenska zona (Eng: Time zone)
  17. Hurricane [not to confuse the former band who represented Serbia at ESC 2021] – Zumi zimi zami
  18. Igor Stanojević – Iza duge (Eng: Behind the Rainbow)
  19. Igor Vins & Bane Lalić – Zato što volim (Eng: Because I love)
  20. Ivona – U noćima (Eng: At Night)
  21. Jovana Tomašević – Kao grom iz vedra neba (Eng: Like a bolt from the blue)
  22. Luke Black – Samo mi se spava (Eng: I’m just sleepy)
  23. Mattia Zanatta – Novi svet (Eng: New World)
  24. Milan Bujaković, Zoran Todorović & Sanja Anastasija – Fenomen (Eng: Phenomenon)
  25. Nadja – Moj prvi ožiljak na duši (Eng: My first scar on my soul)
  26. Nadja Terzić – Devojka tvog dečka (Eng: Your boyfriend’s girlfriend)
  27. Petar Pupić – Ako shvatim (Eng: If I understand)
  28. Savo Perović – Presidente (Eng: President)
  29. Stefan Maljković Shy – Od jastuka do jastuka (Eng: From pillow to pillow)
  30. Stefan Zdravković – Cvet sa istoka (Eng: Flower from the East)
  31. Tijana Dapčević (North Macedonia 2014) – Kad smo sami (Eng: When we are alone)
  32. Zejna – Rumba

The results of each show will be determined by a 50% public vote and a 50% national jury vote.
The songs will be released in upcoming weeks.
16 artists will participate in each semi-final, 8 of them will qualify from each final.

The semi-final split for “Benidorm Fest 2023“:

Semi-Final 1: Tuesday the 31st of January

  1. Agoney – Quiero Arder
  2. Alice Wonder – Yo Quisiera
  3. Aritz – Flamenco
  4. Fusa Nocta – Mi Familia
  5. Megara – Arcadia
  6. Meler – No Nos Moverán
  7. Sharonne – Aire
  8. Sofía Martín – Tuki
  9. Twin Melody – Sayonara

Semi-Final 2: Thursday the 2nd of February

  • Alfred García – Desde Que Tú Estás
  • Blanca Paloma – Eaea
  • E’Femme – Uff!
  • Famous – La Lola
  • José Otero – Inviernos En Marte
  • Karmento – Quiero Y Duelo
  • Rakky Ripper – Tracción
  • Siderland – Que Esclati Tot
  • Vicco – Nochentera

You can find the playlists here:



Apple Music

Official Website

Read our review of the songs here:

About “Benidorn Fest 2023”

  1. The festival will include 2 semi-finals and a grand final.
  2. The shows will be held on the 31st of January, the 2nd of February, and the 4th of February 2023.
  3. This means that Spain will probably be one of the first countries to reveal its song for Eurovision 2023
  4. 9 artists will perform in each one of the 2 semi-finals.
  5. Despite the Eurovision fans’ reviews, the results method will remain the same as it was for 2022. The results will be determined by:
    • National professional jury = 30%
    • International professional jury = 20%
    • Public vote = 25%
    • Demoscophic vote = 25%
  6. The festival will take place at the Palau d’Esports L’Illa in Benidorm
  7. Monica NaranjoRodrigo Vazquez will be the main hosts, while Ines Hernand will be the greenroom host

The running order for each of the 4 heats of “Melodifestivalen 2023“:

Heat 1 – 4th of February 2023

  1. Tone Sekelius – Rhythm Of My Show
  2. Loulou LaMotte – Inge Sorger
  3. Rejhan – Haunted
  4. Elov & Beny – Raggen Går
  5. Victor Crone – Diamonds
  6. Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Länge Leve Livet (Eng: Long Live Life)
  7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods  Where You Are (Sávečan)

Heat 2 – 11th of February 2023

  1. Wiktoria – “All My Life” (Where Have You Been)
  2. Eden – “Comfortable”
  3. Uje Brandelius – “Grytan” (Eng: Stew)
  4. Panetoz – “On My Way”
  5. Tennessee Tears – “Now I Know”
  6. Maria Sur – “Never Give Up”
  7. Theoz – “Mer Av Dig”

Heat 3 – 18th of February 2023

  1. Paul Ray – Royals
  2. Casanovas – Så Kommer Känslorna Tillbaka
    (Eng: So The Feelings Come Back)
  3. Melanie Wehbe – For The Show
  4. Nordman – Släpp Alla Sorger (Eng: Let Go of All Sorrows)
  5. Laurell – Sober
  6. Ida-Lova – Låt Hela Stan Se På
  7. Marcus & Martinus – Air

Heat 4 – 25th of February 2023

  1. Kiana Blanckert – Where Did You Go?
  2. Signe & Hjördis – Edelweiss
  3. Smash Into Pieces – Six Feet Under
  4. Mariette – One Day
  5. Emil Henrohn – Mera Mera Mera 
  6. Axel Schylström – Gorgeous 
  7. Loreen – Tattoo

It seems like the Eurovision 2023 representative for the UK will come from the following list:

  • Rina Sawayama (British Japanese singer)
  • Mimi Webb (British pop singer-songwriter)
  • Wet Leg (British Indie rock band)
  • Kojey Radical (hip hop rap singer)

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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