From Jone To Alessandra. Norwegian MGP2023 Running Order Revealed

Norway is reaching the getting closer for the moment of truth.

After Three semi finals, and 21 performances, the Nine finalist will sing for the last time this Saturday where the winner of the Norwegian “Melodi Grand Prix 2023” will be crown.

A moment before the show, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK revealed the complete lineup of the show that will begin with Jone and will be complete when Alessandra will sing her entry. The complete running order is as follow:

  1. Jone – Ekke Inni Meg
  2. Eline Thorp – Not Meant to Be
  3. Skrellex – Love Again
  4. Ulrikke – Honestly
  5. Umami Tsunami – Geronimo
  6. Atle Pettersen – Masterpiece
  7. Swing’it – Prohibition
  8. Elsie Bay – Love You In A Dream
  9. Alessandra Mele – Queen of Kings


You can find the full playlist on different digital platforms:




The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2023 grand final will take place on Saturday, February 4, 2023. This will also be the date where the Danish song for Liverpool will be finally announced. Similiter to the semi-finals, the grand final will be hosted by Arian Engebø and Stian Thorbjørnsen.

Last year in Turin, Subwoolfer represented Norway with “Give That Wolf A Banana” and finished in the 10th spot of the final collection a total of 182 points.

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