Review: “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023” (Denmark)

As always, Denmark will choose an artist and a song for Eurovision via “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix“.
8 artists will compete in the national final, which will be held on Saturday, the 11th of February 2023.

The playlists can be found here:


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The contest will include eight acts, and here they are:

  • Eyjaa – I Was Gonna Marry Him
  • Frederik Leopold – Stuck On You
  • Maia Maia – Beautiful Bullshit
  • Mariyah LeBerg – Human
  • Micky Skeel – Glansbillede
  • Nicklas Sonne – Freedom
  • Reiley – Breaking My Heart
  • Søren Torpegaard Lund – Lige her

In this article. I will review the 8 songs:

#1. Frederik Leopold – Stuck On You

  • It is a synth-pop mid-tempo song.
  • The melody is based on percussion beat and keyboard playing.
  • The song includes a wide use of backing vocals in varied volumes and roles.
  • Pre-chorus is faster and has a lighter flow
  • The chorus is based on simple keyboards playing, while the main motive is the back vocalists humming.
  • The second chorus is richer, with more semi-electronic elements and some vocal improvisations.
  • The out-tro (after the chorus) is more acoustic.
  • The song ends with electric keyboards playing.
  • It is a pleasant song, but also doesn’t raise special emotions. Leaving me indifferent on one side, but still able to hum it.

#2. Eyjaa – I Was Gonna Marry Him

  • It is a country folk-pop ballad.
  • The duo suggest a unique color of voice
  • The melody is based on guitar stringing, with some whistles in the background.
  • Very quickly we get the first chorus which is performed with a higher tone of voice.
  • They perform the second (and short) verse alternately.
  • The second chorus is more melodical, with keyboards in the melody and harmonies.
  • The bridge is opened with a gentle electric guitar stringing. It is cut by a short instrumental part, based on guitar, keyboards and whistles.
  • Thereafter, we get the last and a longer chorus. It is performed with modulation and impressive vocal abilities.
  • The song is well written, with metaphors like “They say I’ll get better with time/ But I’m not a bottle of wine”.
  • The sisters successfully created an emotional ballad. Musically, it has elements of the wild-west. Instead of wildness, we get a high level of softenness.
  • The whistles are part of the uniqueness of the song, and that’s why it is so memorable.

#3. Micky Skeel – Glansbillede

  • It is a singer-songwriter’s typical radio-friendly ballad
  • The melody is based on an old fashioned light bear and piano playing
  • The first verse is quite monotonous.
  • In the pre-chorus, we get a higher tone of voice from him. The melody is richer in this part.
  • Chorus gives more optimistic vibes, the melody is based on guitar playing and guitar.
  • In the second verse, his singing is more intense, but the melody stays the same as in the first verse.
  • From there, the song keeps on going in a cyclic structure.
  • However, the bridge starts with some humming and instrumental part.
  • The last part is more interesting but unfortunately came too late.
  • There are some parts in the melody that felt even childish to me
  • At the of listening, I could only forget half of the chorus.

#4. Maia Maia – Beautiful Bullshit

  • It is a Scandinavian mid-tempo pop ballad.
  • The song starts with pre-recorded backing vocals and guitar playing.
  • The first verse is more upbeat, she sings it with emotions expressing.
  • In the background, we can hear a mid percussion tempo and electric guitar.
  • The chorus is powerful, and that’s where we can hear more of the guitar and some synth backing vocals.
  • The second verse is a direct continuation of the chorus.
  • The second chorus is catchy and showcases her vocal abilities.
  • Thereafter, we get a kind of improvisation that proceeds with the bridge.
  • In the bridge, she sings powerfully and creates a moment.
  • Overall, a decent song, performed by a strong vocalist. In some parts, it is predictable, but still enjoyable.

#5. Nicklas Sonne – Freedom

  • It is a typical hard glam rock 1990’s rock song
  • The song opens with powerful bass and electric guitar playing.
  • The first verse relies on drum playing and guitar playing. Nicklas sings in two voices, like in the form of “Q&A”.
  • The verse is tougher, with much more powerful singing and high volume.
  • The second verse is more upbeat, and the electric guitar gets a wider place.
  • The second chorus includes some growling.
  • At some point, it sounds like he got lost in his own shouts.
  • Like any glam rock song, we get an electric guitar solo.
  • The last verse is performed in a husky voice.
  • Overall, it is a rock song by the book, however the melody is flat, as the electric guitar and drums give a very monotonous production.

#6. Mariyah LeBerg – Human

  • It is an indie soul song.
  • The song starts with singing the first part of the chorus. Thereafter, we can hear drums and synth keyboards playing.
  • The first verse is quite simple. She sings it with a husky voice. The melody is based on slow drum playing and keyboards playing.
  • The chorus is more hynm, and easier to sing along with. The melody is based on viola and unique string elements (maybe ukulele).
  • The second verse has a different tempo, and backing vocals in the background.
  • The second chorus is longer and catchy, she gives several different colors of her voice.
  • Towards the end, we have a key change which breaks the song in a slightly different direction
  • Mariyah LeBerg has a very warm voice which elevates the song.
  • There’s something comforting in this song that makes the listener hopeful. It isn’t that original, but at least authentic.

#7. Søren Torpegaard Lund – Lige her

  • It is a theatrtical Broadway lullaby ballad
  • The song starts with percussion and string melody.
  • The melody of the first verse sounds like a dreamy song from legends, with the sound of a music box.
  • Later on, bass and guitar stringing join the melody.
  • His interpretation is pleasant, gentle and classical.
  • The chorus relies more on the guitar, Søren sings it with a higher pitch.
  • The chorus ends with a short bass guitar solo.
  • The second verse is faster.
  • The second chorus is easier to sing along with the sound of light percussion. Towards the end he gives us very nice jazz improvisations.
  • The song ends with an acoustic sound.
  • Overall, a very decent song. For some reason, I think that older people will like it more. It is different compared to the other pop oriented songs in the selection. Søren is talented perfromer, some might claim it is too planned

#8. Reiley – Breaking My Heart

  • It is a synth pop song.
  • The song starts immediately with Reiley singing. He suggests a gentle high tone of voice.
  • The first verse’s melody is based on an electric guitar and drum beat.
  • The chorus starts with synth backing vocals. Production breaks in a less melodical direction. It is almost unplugged, where the emphasis is on the vocals. Thereafter, we can hear string elements in the melody.
  • The second verse is a little faster, with a drum and guitar beat.
  • The pre-chorus is softer and connects us to the chorus.
  • The bridge is faster and more intensive.
  • The last part starts softly and transforms into the chorus.
  • It is probably the most contemporary song in the selection. However, it felt too repititive.
  • Reiley is a young singer. It will be interesting to see his charisma on stage.

My Personal Ranking

  1. Eyjaa – I Was Gonna Marry Him
  2. Søren Torpegaard Lund – Lige her
  3. Maia Maia – Beautiful Bullshit
  4. Reiley – Breaking My Heart
  5. Frederik Leopold – Stuck On You
  6. Mariyah LeBerg – Human
  7. Micky Skeel – Glansbillede
  8. Nicklas Sonne – Freedom

Personally, I must say that Eyjaa leads the selection by a million miles.
They can definitely take Denmark to the final, and even to at least top 15.


As I can see before the live shows, there are 2 potential winners::

  • Eyjaa – I Was Gonna Marry Him
  • Reiley – Breaking My Heart

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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