Watch Tonight 10/02/2023 Italy’s (“Sanremo Festival 2023” – Night 4)

We welcome you to read the full guide to tonight’s show :

Festival di Sanremo 2023 Night 4


20:40 CET

How to Watch?

  • RaiPlay will stream all shows globally without restrictions on Ra1 (HD) and Ra1 (4K)
  • in Italy, all shows will be broadcast live on Rai 1, Rai 4K, and RaiI Radio 2
  • in Albania, all shows will be broadcast live on RTSH 1 and RTSH Muzikë
  • in Montenegro, all shows will be broadcast live on RTCG 2
  • In Serbia, the first 4 shows will be broadcasted live on RTS 3 + the final night on RTS 2
  • Internationally, all shows will be broadcast on cable and satellite channel Rai Italia

Artists and Songs

Tonight we will hear from all of the 28 participants together.
Each artist will give his/her/their cover of the night in the following running order:

  1. Ariete ft. Sangiovanni –”Centro di gravità permanente”
  2. Will ft. Michele Zarrillo –”Cinque giorni”
  3. Elodie ft. BigMama –”American Woman”
  4. Olly ft. Lorella Cuccarini –”La notte vola”
  5. Ultimo ft. Eros Ramazzotti –Eros Ramazzotti medley
  6. Lazza ft. Emma Marrone and Laura Marzadori  –”La fine”
  7. Tananai ft. Don Joe [it] and Biagio Antonacci –”Vorrei cantare come Biagio”
  8. Shari ft. Salmo –Zucchero Fornaciari medley
  9. Gianluca Grignani ft. Arisa –”Destinazione paradiso”
  10. Leo Gassmann ft. Edoardo Bennato and Quartetto Flegreo –Edoardo Bennato medley
  11. Articolo 31 ft. Fedez –Articolo 31 medley
  12. Giorgia ft. Elisa –”Luce (Tramonti a nord est)” and “Di sole e d’azzurro “
  13. Colapesce & Dimartino ft. Carla Bruni –”Azzurro”
  14. I Cugini di Campagna ft. Paolo Vallesi –”La forza della vita” and “Anima mia”
  15. Marco Mengoni ft. The Kingdom Choir –”Let It Be”
  16. Gianmaria ft. Manuel Agnelli –”Quello che non c’è”
  17. Mr. Rain ft. Fasma –”Qualcosa di grande”
  18. Madame ft. Izi –”Via del Campo”
  19. Coma_Cose ft. Baustelle –”Sarà perché ti amo”
  20. Rosa Chemical ft. Rose Villain –”America”
  21. Levante ft. Renzo Rubino –”Vivere”
  22. Modà ft. Le Vibrazioni –”Vieni da me”
  23. Anna Oxa ft. Iljard Shaba –”Un’emozione da poco”
  24. Sethu ft. Bnkr44 –”Charlie fa surf”
  25. LDA ft. Alex Britti –”Oggi sono io”
  26. Mara Sattei ft. Noemi –”L’amour toujours”
  27. Paola e Chiara ft. Merk & Kremont –Paola e Chiara medley
  28. Colla Zio ft. Ditonellapiaga –”Salirò”

The calculated results, at the end of the third night of the festival, are:

Amadeus and Gianni Morandi will host this evening.

Special guests will be:

  • Peppino Di Capri
  • La Rapprestiante Di Lista
  • Mare Fuori’s Cast
  • Takagi & Ketra



Apple Music

  • Public voting (SMS and televoting)
  • The professional jury comprises 150 journalists from the web, radio, print, TV, and press room.
  • Demoscopic jury – composed of 300 people.
  • In the first 2 nights, the professional jury will vote. It will carry out its vote by dividing itself into three independent components: a third for TV and print media, a third for the radio, and a third for the web jury.
  • On the 3rd night, the vote will be composed of 50% of the public voting and 50% for the Demoscopic jury
  • The 4th night of the festival will be dedicated for covers for Italian and International songs which have been released between 1st of January 1960 and 31st of December 1999.
  • On the last 2 nights, the voting will be divided into three parts: 34% for the public voting, 33% for the professional jury, and 33% for the Demoscopic jury.
  • 5 artists will qualify for the super-final. In the second round, the results will be determined by a combination of jury and public vote

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