“Una Voce Per San Marino 2023”: Semi-Final 4 Results

More than 1000 submissions were sent to “Una Voce Per San Marino 2023“.
106 artists were shortlisted to participate in the semi-finals this week.

The dates for “Una Voce Per San Marino 2023” are:

  • Semi-Final 1 – Monday, the 20th of February 2023
  • Semi-Final 2 – Tuesday, the 21st of February 2023
  • Semi-Final 3 – Wednesday, the 22nd of February 2023
  • Semi-Final 4 – Thursday, the 23rd of February 2023
  • Semi-Final 5 (second chance) – Friday, the 24th of February 2023
  • Grand Final – Saturday, the 25th of February 2023

The host of the semi-finals is Ilenia De Seine

Link to watch all the shows:

San Marino TV (The show will start at 22:00 CET)

Yesterday, 27 artists performed in semi-final 2.

A recap of the 27 performances can be reached here:

The 4 artists who qualified for the final are:

  1. Thomas (Italy) – “23:23” 
  2. Tothem (Italy) – “Sacro e profano” (Eng: Sacred and Profane) 
  3. Vina Rose (United Kingdom) – “Oblivious”
  4. XGIOVE (Italy) – “Fuoco e benzina” (Eng: Fire and Gasoline)

Meanwhile, an additional 4 artists advanced to the second chance round, which will be held on Friday:

  1. Pjero (Italy) – “Spiderman”
  2. Raim (Italy) – “All Alone”
  3. Roy Paci (Italy) – “Tromba” (Eng: Trumpet)
  4. Ronela (Albania) – Salvaje (Eng: Wild)

This means we have to say goodbye to the following artists:

  1. RAWSTRINGS (Italy) – “Pardonne-moi mon enfant” (Eng: Forgive Me My Child”
  2. Rouges (Italy) – “All’alba del mio amore” (Eng: At the Dawn of My Love)
  3. Ruggero Ricci (Italy) – “Firework”
  4. Santo (Italy) – “Torna presto” (Eng: Come Back Soon”)
  5. SARA (Italy) – “Tutto bene” (Eng: Everything’s Good”)
  6. Selina Albright (United States) – “Did I Ever”
  7. Silver (Italy) – “Get You Back”
  8. Sofia Mae (Italy) – “Dentro questa musica” (“Inside This Music”)
  9. Sophia (Italy) – “Skybreaker”
  10. Stefano d’Orazio (Italy) “Si fa così” (Eng: This Is How It’s Done)
  11. Surama Tsu (Italy) – “Tre tavole” (Eng: Three Boards)
  12. TES – Tutti Esageratamente Stronzi (Italy) – “Giovani di mezza età” (Eng: Middle-Aged Youths)
  13. Veronica Howle (Italy) – “Che” (Eng: That)
  14. Veronica Romero (Spain) – “Army of One”
  15. Vian (Italy) – “Wicca”
  16. Viviana (Italy) – “Prigioniera nera” (Eng: Black Prisoner)
  17. Viviana Milioti (Germany) – “Seraphina’s Lullaby”
  18. Xada (Italy) – “Come nei film” (Eng: Like In the Movies)

Tonight, at 22:00 CET, we will be able to watch the 5th semi-final, which is the second chance round.
18 artists will compete for 6 spots in the final.
This year, only 2 artists from San-Marino qualified for the semi-finals.
Therefore, these 2 artists will perform at a second chance, but will automatically qualify for the final.
They will be part of the 6 qualifiers from this semi.

The line-up for the second chance:

  1. Kida (San Marino)
  2. Simone (San Marino)
  3. Camilla (Italy) – “It’s Not You, It’s Me”
  4. Camille Cabaltera (Italy) – “Mental”
  5. Daudia (Italy) – “What If”
  6. Edoardo Brogi (Italy) – “Due punti sull’Equatore” (Eng: Two points on the equator)
  7. FLEXX (Eliza G_Saintpaul_D.D.S._Palmè) (Italy) – “GOK” (Eng: God Only Knows)
  8. FLORIN RADUTA (Belgium) – “My Mind”
  9. KIARA D.V. featuring PAMELA IVONNE COLE (United Kingdom) – “My Time”
  10. La Bebae (Italy) – “Tocco il fondo” (Eng: I Hit the Bottom”)
  11. Lost City feat Emerique (Italy) – “Titan”
  12. Luna Palumbo (Italy) – “Batticuore” (Eng: Heartbeat”)
  13. MATE (Italy) – “Prisma” (Eng: Prism)
  14. Morgana (Italy) – “A Lonely Night In Shanghai”
  15. Pjero (Italy) – “Spiderman”
  16. Raim (Italy) – “All Alone”
  17. Ronela (Albania) – “Salvaje” (Eng: Wild)
  18. Roy Paci (Italy) – “Tromba” (Eng: Trumpet)

San Marino will compete in the second half of semi-final 2.
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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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