Remo Forrer Teases His Eurovision Entry

With only one week to go until Remo Forrer reveals his Eurovision entry we are now getting a short snippet from what’s to come.

The young singer drops a short video on his social media where we can get the vibes of how’s his music video for his Eurovision song about to look like. The official release date of Remo Forrer entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled for March 7th 2023.

Earlier this month the Swiss broadcaster SRF dropped a surprise announcement today when they introduced Switzerland’s Eurovision 2023 representative. 21 year old Remo Forrer of eastern Switzerland was recently unveiled by the broadcaster as the Swiss representative to Eurovision 2023.

Remo Forrer also released a short video introducing himself as the Swiss Eurovision entrant for this year on his YouTube channel.

The process to select the Swiss entrant

As with the past years, Switzerland has chosen its Eurovision entrant through an internal selection process that involves a panel of 100 viewers and a 20-person jury made up of music professionals. From there, the viewers and the jury rated the entries and its artists on various aspects. The viewers account for 50% of the ratings while the jury accounts for the other 50% of the ratings.

The release date of the Swiss entry

Based on information provided by SRF, Remo’s song for Eurovision 2023 will be released on March 7th and there will be a prominent key change in the song as Remo describes his vocals in the song to “go from very deep to very high.”

Who is Remo Forrer?

Remo Forrer is better known in Switzerland as the winner of the 3rd edition of The Voice of Switzerland which took place in 2020. The edition that Remo competed in was a revival of the Swiss edition of The Voice which was broadcasted from 2013-2014.

Since winning The Voice of Switzerland, Remo has released three singles including his latest single, “Out Loud” which came out last September 2022.

Remo is also known to hold a lucky charm which is a stuffed blue rabbit toy that has been with him since birth. He refers to his stuffed toy as “Häsi” and this was given to him by his godparent.

(On the left is an image of Remo with Häsi as a child and on the right is an image of Häsi in the present day; Source: SRF)

He has also lent his vocals to the song “Summer Soul” by Peter Lenzin which was released seven months ago.

As well as the song Sweet Lies by Nehlio which also featured Eastboys alongside him:

If you want to see more of Remo’s content and follow his journey to Eurovision 2023, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel, follow him on Instagram and like his official page on Facebook.

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