Listen to the studio version of “I Just Need A Friend”, Poland’s JESC 2023 entry

The studio version for “I Just Need A Friend”, the Polish JESC 2023 entry, has just been released to streaming services today, October 19th.

The studio version, which will also be the version to be performed in Nice, clocks in at 2:58. The studio version also uses a different instrumental track from what was used in the Szansa na Sukces Eurowizja Junior 2023 while for the lyrics, the chorus has more Polish lyrics compared to the Szansa version. Overall, the song has transformed into a power ballad.

The studio version is now out on Youtube Music:

and on Spotify:

The production credits for “I Just Need A Friend” are as follows:

Performed by: Maja Krzyżewska

Written by: Carla Fernandes, Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Marissa, Patryk Kumór and Piotr Zborowski

Produced by: Hotel Torino

Note: Patryk Kumór is also the writer for “Somebody” (PL JESC 2021); Carla Fernandes is an alumni of The Voice Kids Poland Season 2 where Viki Gabor finished 2nd place; Marissa has written songs for Sara James (PL JESC 2021) and Krystian Ochman (PL 2022) and is part of Hotel Torino

The music video for “I Just Need A Friend” is set to be released within this week.

What do you think of the studio version of Poland’s JESC 2023 entry? Sound off in the comments section below!

You can listen to the JESC 2023 playlist (so far) here:


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Junior Eurovision 2023 will take place in Nice, France on 26th November 2023.
16 countries will take part in the contest: France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, Albania, North Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, The Netherlands, Malta, Ukraine, Ireland, Portugal, and Armenia.

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