“Gunesh” Release “Мы взяли одну высоту”

Belarussian singer Gunesh (Гюнешь) releases her new single Мы взяли одну высоту

Gunesh is well known for the Belarussian nation final as she tries for a long time to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest

2005 –  “Call My Name” (4th Place)

2006- “Connect The Hearts” (4th Place)

2008 – “I Can’t Live Without You”

2009 – “Fantastic Girl” (2nd Place)

2012 – “Tell Me Why”  (3nd Place)

2015 – “I Believe in a Miracle” (3nd Place)

and her last attempt in 2018 with the beautiful song “I Won’t Cry” (2nd Place)

It is still early to know if she will try again in 2019 but in the meantime we can enjoy her new dance tune “Мы взяли одну высоту”

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