“Nina Badrić” returns with new song “Rekao Si”

Croatian pop singer “Nina Badrić” release this week hew new single “Rekao Si” translated as “You said”.

“Rejao Si” is a sweet pop ballad written by “Ante Pecotić” also followed with a beautiful romantic scent video clip.

Nina represented Croatia with her song “Nebo” in Baku 2012 but didn’t qualify for the final as she came 12th  in the 2nd semi final.

Before her Eurovision experience she tried her luck 4 times in famous pre selection “DORA”. She won 7th place in 1993 with “Ostavljam te”, 10th place in 1994 with “Godine nestvarne”, 18th place in 1995 with “Odlaziš zauvijek”, and second place in 2003 with “Čarobno jutro”

In 2012 she if finally chosen to represented Croatia in Baku with her song “Nebo”  but didn’t qualify for the final as she came 12th  in the 2nd semi final.

As we formerly updated you this week, the “DORA” format is coming back in 2019 and we wonder if Nina will give it another shot.


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