3 qualifiers for the Swiss National Final

As for a major budget cut the Swiss broadcasts SRF, RTS, and RSI announced that this year they will work together in order to select the entry that will represent Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel-Aviv.

At the beginning of this month, RSI the Swiss-Italian published 13 entries for online voting.

The 6 most liked songs among them compete this Sunday in a “regional selection”, performing their entry live in front of an audience panel and expert jury that replace the expensive televoting.

  • Nick Antik – Until you will be mine
  • Karin Cerini – Sorry
  • Scille Hess – Playground
  • Scilla Hess – Silence breakers
  • Julie Meletta – Mama (I walk alone)
  • SEBalter – Carry the light

You can watch the live show at RSI website Here.

The 3 qualifiers for the next round are:

  • Julie Meletta – Mama (I walk alone) – 13 points
  • SEBalter – Carry the light – 12 points
  • Scilla Hess – Playground – 7 points

Among the 3 qualifiers, we can see the return of the Swiss representative for 2014 song contest “SEBalter”.  Back then he sang his entry “Hunter of stars” and came 13th in the grand final.

The 7 songs didn’t qualify for the live show were:

  • Dianaerika Lettieri – Amore Infernale
  • Iris Moné – Lift my soul up
  • Iris Moné – Torno a casa
  • Davide Buzzi – Mama
  • Max Deste – Dove finisce il Giorno
  • NickAntic – Until you will be mine
  • TH3O – One More Time

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