“Ручка” New Sound by “DoReDoS”

It’s probably our lucky day cause the Moldovian folk-pop trio (“Marina Djundyet”, “Eugeniu Andrianov” and “Sergiu Mîța”) “DoReDoS” release their new song “Ручка” (Translation: Pen).

The band competed twice at the Moldovian national final. In 2015 “Maricica” came 6th, and one year later at 2016 the finished 4th with “FunnyFolk”

“Ручка” is the first single the band released after their 10th place at the grand final of Eurovision song contest 2017 in Lisbon.

The English version of this song called ” Write your number on my hand” and it’s available to listen at escbeat Spotify or “AppleMusic” page.



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