“Civil War” New song by “Ryan O’Shaughnessy”

Irish singer-songwriter “Ryan O’Shaughnessy” release this morning his new single named “Civil war”

We remember Ryan not only for his super power ballad “together” gave Irland its highest place ever since Jedwards “lipstick” 2011, but also for his emotional live performance followed by the 2 male dancers their gay love story.

“Civil war” keeps the same slow temp beat while this time the powerful lyrics about the ups & downs while being in love do the job

“…Before the worst begins

Let’s stay together tonight

Let’s make it through the night

This is a Civil War…”

The cover art of the single made by @damianclark gives also a strong graphic visual about this conflict subject on Ryan’s mind.

“C1V1L WAR” is also the name of the new tour Rayn in doing across Ireland so don’t miss him if you’re around…

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