“Mikolas Josef” Releases “Me Gusta” Single and VideoClip

The cutest thing in the Music Industry lately is the Phenomena called: “Mikolas Josef”.

The Czech Republic 23 years blood runs with neverending chick, style, and charisma so we just can’t get enough!

His story begins when he is only 20 Years old as he releases his 1st single “Hands Bloody”. Mikolas topped the charts and his addictive personality made the Czech broadcast offered him to sing “My Turn” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv 2017.  Mikolas refused gently and the rest is history, “Martina Bárta” performs the song in Kyiv but didn’t qualify for the final as she finishes 13th in the 1st semi-final.

In 2018 Mikolas win the Czech national final with his Groovie “Lie To Me”. he packs his nerd school uniforms, a jack pack, and 2 breakdance dancers in order to rock the big stage, and he did!  “Lie To Me” came 6th in the grand final as it brings Czech Republic its best score till date.

In his new single, Mikolas is fashioned than ever.  he changed his hairstyle, switched his school uniforms in sexy colorful button shirts, spice his punk sounds with a hardcore Latin influence and even upgrades his famous Camel to a beautiful horse.

“Me Gusta” is the first single Mikolas releases since his Eurovision experience and also his first one in his new home “Sony Music”.

Great job Mikolas, Nos Gusta!

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