“Nina Kraljić” Wig us up in her new song “Najljepši dan”

Croatian singer “Nina Kraljić” teasing us for a long time now on her Instagram page about her new song and its finally here!

“Najljepši dan” (The most beautiful day) is a strong pop song with a spiritual Japanese back sounds. all that high lifting rhymes go together with the positive lyrics (“…The most beautiful day is still waiting for me…”) and sets on a magnificent video clip.  In the video, Nina changes 5 colors of bob wigs entwined with Japanese cherry blossom scenes that makes us bloom and evolve together with her. Nina describe on one of her tweets that a tree never thinks about his past and he keeps growing, and that’s exactly what it is wishing to everyone listening to that song

The 26 years old singer is well remembered for her unforgettable dress as she performed her “Lighthouse” entry brought Croatia the 23rd place Croatia in the 2016 Eurovision contest.  This time as she Wig us up “Sia” style she is doing it so well that we have to say that consistently works and that she is one of the most unique artists in the Balkan country.

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