That’s the time we like the most, a new single from an NF artist.

El Kravchuk” took part on the road to choose Ukraine song for Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf.  Passing through the quarter and semi finals, his entry “Moya Nadezhda” finish 11th in the final as Mika Newton’s “Angel” sent to represent the country.

A few months ago, after a long silence,  “El Kravchuk” released his comeback single “ЛІТО 18” and this week EL surprising us with his new dance hit “VBD – (“Vse Bude Dobre” Eng: It’s Good).   That retro Sinti techno beat combining the latest dance sounds over EL’s vocal will immediately drug you for more.  We could swear the first few secs of the songs sounds like a new “Pet Shop Boys” song, and that sounds wayyy beyond good!

Share with us your thoughts and enjoy “Vse Bude Dobre” followed by all the latest ESC related singles in the Eurovision Related 2018 #playlist



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