Poli Genova Is A Happy Mother To A New Song And Soon To Be For A Little Boy Too.

Two times Bulgarian representative for Eurovision Poli Genova (Поли Генова)  releases her new song and video for “Героите” (Eng: Heroes)

Poly wrote Героите lyrics herself and compose the song together with music producer Krasimir Todorov.  “Героите” is an uplifting pop ballad full with vocal emotions and sound layers production.  The song was presented live at the Bulgarian Christmas concert, where Polly first publicly confirmed the happy news she expects her firstborn child in the spring. Poli that finds herself in the most critical and dangerous moment of the 26th pregnancy gestation week, start to digest the changes in her family cell and decided to add some strength and courage by dedicating “Heroes” to preterm babies and their parents who fight for their children every second.

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#ГЕРОИТЕ е наистина специален проект за мен и моето ново семейство. Намирайки се точно в най-критичния и опасен момент на 26-та гестационна седмица на бременността, осъзнавам, че животът в мен е толкова крехък и безценен… И искам да направя всичко, за да го опазя, точно както #героите-родители на преждевременно родените бебета. Вдъхновена от дарението, което прави Pampers на първите пелени в България за #героите – недоносените бебета, аз реших да даря малко сила и кураж, посвещавайки песента си на тях и на другите герои – техните родители, които всяка секунда се борят за живота на децата си.

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Poli shares with her followers on Instagram what’s behind her new song, saying:  I chose to present you the #heroes just today because it is a special project for me inspired by the strong, brave people, regardless of age, gender and race. Exactly those who are not afraid to fight for their future!

In the video, we can see pregnant Poli followed by dancers Vasil Dipchikov and Viktoria Petrova telling their challenging love story in moves. the video director Lyubomir Pechev also directed the singer previous videos “Oshte” and “Г-н Президент”

The song will be a part of her upcoming album to be released spring of 2019


Poli Genova participated twice in the Eurovision. In 2011 her song “Na Inat” finished 12th in the 2nd semi-final and didn’t qualify for the grand final.  5 years later in 2016 Poli was chosen to represent Bulgaria once again with “If Love Was a Crime” this time she qualifies and finished 4th in the grand final making the song one of Bulgaria’s top scores in the contest

You can listen to “Героите” in our new #Playlist on the Escbeat Eurovision Related – January 2019 #playlist





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