Eurovision 2019 Oficial Logo Revealed, Tickets On Sale Starts End Of January

Two months after “Dare to Dream” was announced as the official slogan for the 64th Eurovision song contest the official Logo is revealed.

Israel 2019 logo will be in the shape of a star combined by 3 different types of ‏triangles coming together. Beautiful things happen when uniting and coming together in harmony, this is how dreams and stars born. Israel dare to dream of winning the contest 2018 and year later Israel invites us to dare to dream cause dreams to come true.

Kan reveals more details In the official Eurovision site saying: The triangle, one of the world’s oldest shapes, is a cornerstone symbol found universally in art, music, cosmology, and nature, representing connection and creativity. As the triangles join and combine, they become a new single entity reflecting the infinite stellar sky, as the stars of the future come together in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.”

Creating the logo itself was teamwork between two branding agencies in Israel “Awesome Tel Aviv” who developed the creative concept Dare to Dream” and “Adam Feinberg studio” (ST/AF) who created the logo.

The star, of course, reminds the star to recognize with Israelis flag to remind as all this magnificent show takes place in Israel for the 3rd time.

Eurovision logo tradition came alive in 2002 to strengthen the messenger of Eurovision in a visual way.

The first wave of tickets will go on sale 01.29.19 through “Lean” offices. Prices and dates for the next waves will be announced later on this month.

The 64th Eurovision song contest will take place in the Aviv 14-18 of May 2019. #DareToDream

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