Audition Rounds Are Over! Meet The 20 Candidates Qualified For “Hakohav Haba 2019” Team

Winning Eurovision 2018 was a magical moment for the Israeli delegation.  After Netta proved that dreams do come true, the Israeli team is highly tuned to achieve their next fantasy “The Double”.

While everyone in Israel is working 24/7 to make Eurovision 2019 the most spectacular event ever seen, “Tedi productions” responsible for the reality show “Hakohav Haba”,  Dare to Dream and pull out all the jockers in order to find that artist who can make the “double “dream alive.

In the new season started a few weeks ago, the judge’s panel got strengthened with a 5th judge, came straight from Broadway, Shiri Maymon. Shiri is one of the biggest female artists in Israel and every Eurovision fan in Israel connect the word “Success” to that night she stood on Kiyv stage back in 2005 singing her unforgettable ballad “Hasheket Shenish’ar” brought Israel the 4th place.

Shiri Joins previous seasons panel consists of Harel Ska’at (Israel representative for Eurovision 2010), singer and composer Keren Peles, Musician Assaf Amdursky and the biggest name in the Israeli music industry, the due Static & ben-el.

In the Auditions round aired for the last few weeks, singers from all over the country sang in front of a LED screen rise up when the judges and audience votes reach 70% in the sidebar meter.  65 candidates succeeded to raise the screen faced again in front of the judges for their second audition in order to filter them up for the season Top20 (aka Hakohav Haba Team).

In this season Top20, we can meet well-known artists like Maya Buskila (who’s been rumored as the Israeli representative for many years and try her luck in the only mechanism available to finally reach the Eurovision stage). Youtube phenomenon singer Shefita that has millions of viewers to her oriental covers for mega-hits like Nirvana’s “Lithium” and Radiohead’s Karma Police, Tay came 2nd in the 3rd season of “The Voice Israel”, and Ketreyah participated in the Israeli version of “THE FOUR”.

From the other side, some unknown artists charmed the judges and qualify for the team like Kobi Merimi melt everyone’s heart with his interpretation version of for Beyoncé’s “sweet dreams” and Shalva band brings together in a peaceful harmony 7 young souls with special needs.

  • Kobi Merimi
  • Shefita
  • Maya Buskila
  • Ketreyah
  • Daniel Barzilay
  • Shalva
  • Avraham De Karvelio
  • Klara Sabag
  • Nitay Twito
  • Tay
  • Osher Biton
  • Wanna Wanna
  • Ofri Calfon
  • Lior chen
  • Naama Gali Cohen
  • Liat Eliyaho
  • Sahaf
  • Naor Cohen
  • Daniel Mazuz
  • Nave Madmon


Israel song for Eurovision 2019 will be selected early March. This year the song that will be performed at Eurovision will also be selected as part of the show.   stay tuned to find out which one of these 20 artists will be the 5th-star Hakohav Haba brought to life after  Nadav Guedj, Hovi Star, Imri Ziv and Netta ?


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