Israel 2019 (Hakohav Haba La’Eurovision, Eurovision) #Playlist

Israel – Israeli National Final 2019

Date (Final):  February 12rd, 2019

Winner: Kobi Merimi

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Maya Buskila (4th place)

Kobi Merimi

Ketreyah (2nd place)

Shefita (3rd place)



Battle Round

Wanna Wanna – I trusted you (68%) Vs. Maya Buskila – If I were a boy (81%)

Sahaf – Deja Vu (60%) Vs. Klara Sabag – Rolling in the Deep (76%)

Lior Chen – Russian Roulette (64%) Vs. Osher Biton – Estader Levad (87%)

Naama Gali Cohen – Rockabye (64%) Vs. Daniel Barzilai – Ish Shel Laila (80%)

Shefita – Can’t Stop the feeling (41%) Vs. Tay – Radioactive (89%)

Kobi Merimi – Mad World (57%) Vs. Liat Eliyaho – Stone Cold (51%)

Avraham de Carvalho – Viva la Vida (67%) Vs. Ketreyah – Just the way you are (83%)

Nitai Twito – Sorry (68%) Vs. Ofri Halfon – Tocho Ratsuf Ahava (90%)

Nave Madmon – Never Forget you (53%) Vs. Daniel Mazuz – Earth Song (54%)

Shavla Band – The sound of silence (95%) Vs. Naor Cohen – Shtayim ba’layla (66%)

  • Judge’s wildcard: Avraham de Carvalho and Shefita 

Hakohav Haba - 12 finalists

Participants (Top20 Team)

  • Kobi Merimi
  • Shefita
  • Maya Buskila
  • Ketreyah
  • Daniel Barzilay
  • Shalva
  • Avraham De Karvelio
  • Klara Sabag
  • Nitay Twito
  • Tay
  • Osher Biton
  • Wanna Wanna
  • Ofri Calfon
  • Lior chen
  • Naama Gali Cohen
  • Liat Eliyaho
  • Sahaf
  • Naor Cohen
  • Daniel Mazuz
  • Nave Madmon


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