Romanian singer Mihai Trăistariu (M I H A I) is not giving up on his dream to perform at the Eurovision song contest in Tel-Aviv.

After he decided to withdraw from the Romanian national selection “Selecţia Naţională” saying that he has no belief in the organizers objective, M I H A I is trying his lack in another country national selection. This time Belarus.

The song submission for the Belarussian selection was opened yesterday and M I H A I sent the same entry he was supposed to sing in Romania’s selection, “Baya”

M I H A I approved the rumors in his facebook page and all we have to do now is wait for  the Belarussian broadcast to reveal the 10 qualifiers for the final after the submission will be closed on January 31, 2019


You Can Listen to the Belarussian National Selection #Playlist HERE 


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