Bassa Sababa. Listen to Netta’s New Single

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Netta‘s new song “Bassa Sababa” officially released and available to listen.
Netta Barzilai ends 2018 as she’s standing on the apex of her career so far.  9 months ago Netta jumped on a roller coaster that transformed her from a regular girl in a small town of Israel to the next big thing in the music industry.

Ever since her Eurovision entry “TOY” won the contest in Lisbon, Netta picked up almost every title available. here is just a some of them: “Best Female” and “Best Breakthrough” in almost every radio station, 29 Million streams on Spotify, Most watched YouTube video in Israel award winner, most viewed video on the official Eurovision channel (reached more than 100M views), escbeat 2018 “best new act awards”,hundreds of fashion productions, magazine covers, campaigns, Worldwide recognition – US media in particular, dancing Times square crowd, meeting with the royal Prince William and touring all over Europe.

Netta opens 2019 with the release of her anticipated single “Bassa Sababa”” a common phrase in her native language, Hebrew, means to take in a cool way even the things that are the most bummer and stay positive.

Netta wrote and produce the song herself, together with Stav Beger, Toy’s songwriter, and her old friend way before “Hakohav Haba” days, producer Avshalom Ariel.   This time Netta waves goodbye to the Chicken Baka sounds accompanied her till now and welcomes the next big thing, the rhinoceros.  Netta fell in love with the wild animal when she was a kid and lived for a few years with her family in Africa. Last month when Netta was asked about her new song on an interview for Israeli’s “AT” Magazine, Netta said: “The song has a lot of rage in it.  it is a great follow-up to TOY but way different”. 

Whether it is true or not, rumors say that Netta wished to share with Europe a song she wrote herself and wanted “Bassa Sababa” to be her Eurovision entry. Her friends on “Tedy productions”, responsible for “Hakohav Haba”, convince her to go with TOY written by the appreciated composer Doron Medali.  Lucky for us, after she made history and won the Eurovision, Netta releases “Bassa Sababa” as her new international single.

“I’m gonna eat you Um um um um um
Gonna beat you like a drum Um um um
Gonna chew you like some gum Um um um
Go and tell her who I am
Baby call your mom
Bam bam bam bam bam.”

The song, like Netta, combines many different styles in one tune. some electro jungle-dance in the beginning through the verse latino guitar strings turns into a Rave party.  Netta, of course, uses her main favorite tool in song, The Looper.  just like in TOY,  the songs start with Netta repetitively looping phrases adding to each other layer by layer.  Starting “Bam-bam ba-sI, Mesi ba-ba-si”, that can sound like a non-scene even for a person speaks Hebrew, refers to the traditional peanut snack “Bamba” a must have in every party Israel. as the song takes you to the best party mood exist, Bamba is for sure a needed item for a great celebration. BTW, “Mesibamba” also mentioned, is the large pack version of the snack used for big parties. in our case, we know Netta‘s party vibes is huge! so the more the merrier.  What is so special about Netta is to see how she creates her art from different misstate notes and transforms them into a strongly build melody structure. that’s what we call being a “Genius

“Bassa Sababa” video clip, directed by Roy Raz, was shot last December in Kiyv while Netta was during her European tour. In order to shot the video special sets has been constructed in 13 different locations and over 250 staff members and  50 dancers were involved in the shooting.

be sure to know the lyrics by heart till May cause Netta already confirmed as one of Eurovision 2019 guest stars and will sing her new song too besides TOY.


You can listen to the  new single “Bassa Sababa” in our new #Playlist on the Escbeat Eurovision Related – February 2019 #playlist

Escbeat Eurovision Related Artists - February 2019 300







Call your mama
Tell her I’m a Rhino
My killer girls are coming
If you won’t hide you’re done
I’m gonna eat you

Um um um um um
Gonna beat you like a drum
Um um um
Gonna chew you like some gum
Um um um
Go and tell her who I am
Baby call your mom
Bam bam bam bam bam

Hold the trigger
My horn is bigger
I win
I love my thicker figure
I grew a thicker skin
I’m gonna eat you


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