After Withdrawing From “Hakokav Haba”, Shalva Band Will Perform In The Eurovision’s 2nd Semi-Final Interval Act

“Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion” finalist Shalva Band have announced yesterday that they are officially withdrawing from the contest as they won’t be able to participate in the Eurovision rehearsals during Shabbat for religious reasons.

Before the withdrawal, the band was one of the 4 finalists and the favorite to win the show. the band is comprised of 8 talented musicians with disabilities and special needs that inspired the Israeli viewers through all the season of Hakokhav with outstanding performances and inspiring harmonies. band members are Tal Kima (Percussion), Dina Samteh (Vocals), Yosef Ovadia (Vocals & Drums), Anael Khalifa (Vocals), Yair Pomburg (Rap & Percussions), Guy Maman (Vocals and Keyboard), Sara Samuels (Guitarist), and Shai Ben Shushan the band director.

The band journey through the contest was so emotional and inspiring that a big decision was made today.

The biggest Israeli news site, YNET,  reported this morning that the Israeli broadcast KAN confirmed that Shalva won’t pass their dream to participate on Eurovision as they will be performing as the interval act of the second semi-final .  KAN says: “as this year’s slogan DARE TO DREAM Shalva band dare to dream and KAN is happy to assist them to make their dream come true”.  it is definitely an inspiring moment both for Shalva and KAN and soon to be for all 200 Million Eurovision viewers worldwide.

Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion final will take place next Tuesday, February 12th and already taken a spot in the final are female singers Maya Buskila and Ketreyah.

With Shalva withdrawn,  2 more spots in the final are ready to be taken. still on the race

  • Shefita
  • Daniel Barzilay
  • Avraham De Carvalho

together with 2 artists chosen by the season judges for a second chance round

  • Kobi Marimi
  • Osher Biton

Eurovision 2019 host country Israel will participate automatically in the grand final on May 18. The Israeli entry videoclip will be officially revealed during the Israeli television academy awards 2018 on March 10th.

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