Another Surprising Withdraw From A National Final! Which Artist Step Back From The Contest And Which Country Leads 2019 Withdrawing Chart?

It has been noticed before that 2019 national final season is characterized as the year with the most scandals and withdraws.

Less than 24 hours ago a surprising withdraw announced in Israel as the most favorite to win “Hakohab Haba”, Shalva band, quit the race right after qualifying for the final.  Today another shocking (!) withdrawn come, once again, from Romania.

Only a few days before the 2nd semi-final of Selecția Națională goes live, Xandra decided not to participate in the contest and gave her chance of representing Romania in Tel-Aviv.  Until now, no official statement was written by Xandra or the Romanian broadcast TVR.  Xandra approves the news to escbeat saying “I’m Sad, but I made this decision with great power”.  “Independent” should have been the 4th entry of Xandra on in Romanian selection. Her previous attempts were: “Superhuman” in 2016, “Walk on by” in 2017, and 2018 “Try”.

Xandra is the 3rd artists qualify from the Romanian 2019 selection after Dan Bittman and M I H A I in response to adding wildcards Bella Santiago and Linda Teodosiu.  Besides Romania, in some other countries around Europe artists have been withdrawn from the local selection.  In Ukraine, Maruv called to cover Tayanna‘s place after her dramatic quitting Vidbir 2019 post.  In Croatia, Group 4 Tenora apologized for their previous obligations to Dora and replaced by Kim Verson.  in Lithuania, Sasha Song needed to withdraw due to his failed be ready on time with the song arrangement. And in Portugal RTP announced that Marlon won’t participate in “Festival da Canção with no reason revealed. Marlon‘s entry “O Jantar” will be performed by João Couto instead.

National finals 2019 season is about to be over soon and Romania is leading the charts with the most artists to stepping back. do these numbers reflect something’s should have done differently? Will we have another surprising change in the selections playlist or Xandra‘s withdrawn was the last one for 2019?  Keep tracking our updates and #ShareYourThoughts on #escbeat Facebook community.

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