Cyprus Entry For Eurovision Is Here! Watch It On Replay Now

Tamta’s “replay”, one of the most expected songs for Tel-Aviv, is finally here!

The song, representing Cyprus this year, leaked 2 weeks ago in his demo version and today finally released together with the official Video-clip.

What do you think? does Cyprus have a winner song that will beat last year 2nd place “Fuego”?



You got a problem
2 am I’m in your head
Let’s just be honest, tonight

Only I can solve it
Ya twisting turning in your bed
Them sheets need my body, tonight

That’s when you call me,
that’s when you call me,
Say u feeling lonely,
Early in the morning, early in the morning
Time is moving slowly
We keep it undercover
I know you miss the taste
Heart beats like an 808
You need my love on Replay

Replay replay replay yeah
You need my love on Replay
Replay replay replay yeah
You need my love on Replay

You stuck on me darlin’
Like a love song on repeat
Yeah u got a problem alright

N I know I’m the one to blame
Because I make you scream my name
N baby I’m all in tonight


I've started to follow Eurovision back in 1987 while I was only 4 years old. Ever since that night, Eurovision became my biggest passion. I created ESCBEAT to make sure that Eurovision music will stay forever and built the biggest Eurovision archive exist on streaming platforms

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