Shocking! This Eurovision Star (almost) Shows It All

Romanian singer Mihai Traistariu has been teasing us fans for a while now with sexy photos of his spectacular body transformation and undies sneak peeks of his gifted parts but with all that intro he succeded to surprise us too with his last post.

The selfie addict Mihai posted Yesterday (8/20) a picture he took himself in front of the mirror with his pants halfway down, revealing for the first time how does his perfect smooth buttocks look like under the panties. Mihai also presented his new shaved chest and we must admit he almost made us scream “Torneroooooo” again


Mihai, of course, does not leave his music career behind. A week ago the singer released his own interpretation of Elena Gheorghe‘s “Luna alba”.  Elena herself, like Mihai, represented Romania in the Eurovision song contest singing “The Balkan Girls” in 2009.

In case you were wonder how Mihai’s love story with the followers looked like so far, we grabbed for you some of his finest moment in front of the camera so take a look for yourself:





In 2006 Mihai Traistariu represented Romania in the Eurovision song contest singing “Tornerò” ranked 4th which is the 3rd best place of the country so far.

10 years later, in 2016, Mihai tries his luck again in the national selection “Selecția Națională” reaching 5th with “Paradisio”.

Earlier this year, Mihai was chosen to participate in the national selection for the 3rd time with the songs “BAYA” but decided to withdraw from the contest and send the song for the national final in Belarus but sadly for him, the song wasn’t among the 10 songs that qualify for the live shoes

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