Birgitta Haukdal and September Collabs For The MegaDance Hit “Aðeins nær þér”

Icelandic Singer Birgitta Haukdal collaborates with music producers Andri Þór Jónsson and Eyþór Úlfar Þórisson known as “September” and together they release the hottest dance track we’ve heard so far this summer “Aðeins nær þér” (Eng: close to you).

In 2003 Birgitta Haukdal’s “Open Your Heart” opened the Eurovision song contest in Riga and reached the 8th place scoring a total of 81 points. Birgitta tried her luck again in the Icelandic national final “Songvakeppni” with “Mynd af þér” in 2006  and “Núna veit ég” together with Magni Ásgeirsson in 2008.

“Aðeins nær þér” is waiting for you together with all the latest releases on escbeat August playlist

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