Albania: The First Potential Artists For Eurovision 2020 Has Been Revealed

In case you haven’t noticed, the new season of the national finals across Europe has already started.

While many countries are still handling the question of which mechanism will select their song for Rotterdam, there is one country that already taken us for the next level on its selection process.

Albanian 2020 representative will be chosen, like every year, through the traditional Festivali i Këngës (FiK). This is the same mechanism that selected the Albanian representative since they debut the Eurovision in 2004. FiK58 is about to take place later this year, probably in December. if you’ve asked yourself why 58, the answer to that because the famous Albanian festival has started way before the country entered the Eurovision, in Tirana 1962.

Earlier this week, a new Instagram profile named “eurobooth” appeared to have a hold on Festivali i Këngës 58 contestants and started to reveal them one by one. considering this Instagram account is a new one, it is still unclear if the source is reliable enough. the Albanian broadcaster RTSH has not approved or denied any of these names but in case the rumors will turn out as truth, then we’re expecting a F@%ing great kicking off for 2020 National final season. until these lines have been written, six artists have been “confirmed” for Fik58:

  • Arilena Ara – the winner of the Albanian “X-Factor” second season. besides the successful songs, Arilena has released to the radio, she will also become a coach on the third season of “The Voice Kids Albania”

Festivali i Kenges - Arilena Ara

  • Tiri Gjoci – the winner of the fifth season of “The Voice Albania”, the same season that “Jonida Maliqi” started to use as a mentor in. Tiri debut FiK festival in 2016 with “MË ZGJO” that didn’t qualify for the festival’s final. the following year he participated again with “Orë e ndaluar” and succeded to qualify this time. last year, Tiri wasn’t one of the runners of the show but perform together with Lidia Lufi a duet version of her song “Rrëfehem”.

Festivali i Kenges - Tiri Gjoci

  • Erik Lloshi – Albanian singer that started in the band “Erik & Band”. in 2019 he was nominated for Albania’s best music video on Balkan Music Awards for his song “E di” together with Mariza Ikonomi. Erik also participated in the famous festival “Kënga Magjike” including the last one that took place last month

Festivali i Kenges - Erik Lloshi

  • Xhesica Polo – Albanian singer well remembered for her appearance ib the first season of “X-Factor” Albania. Xhesica took a part in the Girls category mentored by Eurovision 2010 act Juliana Pasha. in 2016 Xhesica had her debut appearance in FiK. her song “Eva jam unë” made it to the final and ranked 14th. in 2017 when she sang “Përjetë” in FiK56 Xhesica has ended her journey in the competition on the semi-final.

Festivali i Kenges - Xhesika Polo

  • Yll Limani – Albanian singer and songwriter familiar for participating in the first season of “The Voice” Albania. besides reaching the show’s semi-final Yll is busy with recording and promoting original material. one of his biggest hits “Shiu” (Eng: Rain) keeps breaking records and was viewed almost 6M times in Youtube.

Festivali i Kenges - Yll Limani.png

  • Kanita – Pop singer Kanita will make her debut performance on the Albanian festival. she is well known as a candidate in the second season of the “X-Factor” Albania and for her mega-hit feat. Lindon “Stranger” reached more than 2.2M views on YouTube.

Festivali i Kenges - Kanita.png

In the last hours a pic with 10 of this year contestants has leaked over the internet. An hour later, the Newsbomb website reported this morning that the 25 artists that will participate in the contest are :

  • Elvana Gjata
  • Era Rusi
  • Arlilena Ara
  • Olta Boka
  • Wendi Mancaku
  • Bojken Lako
  • Tiri Gjoci
  • Alberie Hadergjonaj
  • Valon Shehu
  • Kamela Islamaj
  • Eli Fara & Stresi
  • Kastro Zizo
  • Kanita Suma
  • Gena
  • Robert Berisha
  • Genti Deda
  • Renis Gjoka
  • Sara Bajraktari
  • Genci Tukiqi
  • Aldo Bardhi
  • Aurora Kapo
  • Nita Latifi
  • Arjeta Palushaj
  • Devis Xherahu
  • Algert Salaj

Whether it’s true or not, we will need to wait for the Albanian broadcaster RTSH to official announcement.

Last year, in Tel-Aviv, Jonida Maliqi called her Albanian brothers/sisters to return to their land. “Ktheju Tokës” finished 17th in the show’s grand final.

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