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“Festivali I Këngës 58” will be held on Thursday the 19th of December 2019, Friday the 20th of December 2019 and the final show will be held on Sunday the 22th of December 2019. 

festival 58 promo.jpg

Here is a  link to an extended review of the artists and songs of “Festivali I Këngës 58”.

A link to the playlist of the songs is available here.



Austria has chosen an artist and a song. As we have already suspected and reported: ORF has confirmed that Austria will be represented by Vincent Bueno in Eurovision 2020. Vincent will perform a song named “Alive”.

Vincent Bueno2

Vincent Bueno is an Austrian-born Filipino R&B singer who is based in Austria and the Philippines. He is 33 years old and rose to fame in 2008 when he won Musical! Die Show (Musical! The Show).

Vincent competed in the Austrian National Selection in 2016, where he performed the song “All We Need is That Love” and ended in 6th place.

Vincent was a backing vocalist of Nathan Trent that represented Austria in Eurovision 2017:

So far, the singer has released 2 studio albums., here is a song from the latter of them:

The song “Alive” will be probably released in February 2020.




Croatia will use “Dora” as a mechanism to choose an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020. Dora 2020 will include 16 songs. The songs will be released at the end of February 2020. Dora will include only one show that will be held on the 29th of February 2020.

Some rumored artists may participate in “Dora 2020”:

#1. Dino Jesulic who was the winner of the first edition of Junior Eurovision that occurred in 2003. Nowadays, Dino is a rock singer.

Dino Jesulic








#2. Franka Batelić who represented Croatia in Eurovision 2018, and although she gave a wonderful performance, failed to qualify for the final of Eurovision 2018.

Franka Batelić

#3. Maja Šuput

#4. Severina who represented Croatia in Eurovision 2006 and ended in 13th place in the final:

#5. The Croatian Pop singer Jelena Rozga

#6. Lorena who competed in Dora 2019 and ended as a runner up (who should have won, if you ask me). She performed “Tower of Babylon”:

#7. Luka Nižetić who competed in Dora 2019 and performed “Brutalero:”




an extended review of semi-final 1 and semi-final 2 of “Eesti Laul” have been written by me lately. you can read them on the following links: semi-final 1, semi-final 2.


Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Facebook page Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic has published information about the 7 competing songs of the national final selection for Eurovision 2020. According to the post, the Genres of the 7 songs will be as follow:
“organic pop”
“planned coincidence punk-pop”




The 4th week of “Georgian Idol” came to an end. Tornike Kipiani topped the voting third time in a row with 24.05% of the votes. The bottom two were  Anri Guchmanidze and Davit Rusadze.  At the end of the show, Anri Guchmanidze was eliminated.

The videos of the 4th love show of “Georgian Idol” are available here:

Anri Guchmanidze

  Barbara Samkharadze

Davit Rusadze

Mariam Gogiberidze

Mariam Shengelia

Tamar Kakalashvili

Tornike Kipiani




Iceland will choose an artist and a song via “Songvakeppnin 2020“. The national final will include 10 participants. On Saturday the 18th of January 2020, the artists and the song will be revealed.

songvakeppnin 2020



More episodes of “The Rising Star” (“Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision) aired this week.

Israel 2020 (Hakohav Haba, Eurovision) 300x300

The candidates that qualified for the next level are:

Eden Zohar Sivan (92%)

Natanel Sherf (86%)

Ayalon Elyakim (80%)

Alen Botzier(84%)

Hatvlinim (59% Saved by hosts)

Eldad Cohen (78%)

Gala Brown (75%)

Liora Itzchak (74%)

Hen Hadar (83%)

Michael Tsidon (72%)

Atara Uriya (73%)

Dikla Malca (66% saved by hosts)

Wonder Years (77%)

Bar Furman (78%)



Italian Media suggests a lot of names of artists that may take park in “Sanremo 2020”:

Francesco Gabbani that represented Italy in Eurovision 2017 and came 6th in the final:

Francesca Michielin who represented Italy in Eurovision 2016 and finished in 16th place:

Al Bano & Romina Power who represented Italy In Eurovision 1976 and Eurovision 1985. In both attempts, they ended in 7th place:

Giusy Ferreri who competed in “Sanremo” in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Her best result was in 2014 when she ended in 9th place in the festival final:

Massimo Ranieri who represented Italy in Eurovision 1971 and 1973:

Annalisa, fans favorite (and also mine) that competed in Sanremo in the years 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018. In 2018, she was crowned as Eurovision fans winner of the competition “OGAE Second Chance 2018”:

Another rumored artists are Irama, Anna Tatangelo, Paolo Vallesi, Chiara Galiazzo, Mietta and more…




TVP (The Polish Broadcaster) hasn’t decided yet the mechanism to choose an artist. However, an unofficial source reported to us that TVP may choose between 2 artists. The two lucky singers are no other than the winner and the runner-up of the 10th season of “The Voice of Poland“. Consider the huge success of Poland in Junior Eurovision 2018+2019, the composer of their intended entries of Eurovision 2020 will be the composer of Poland songs for Eurovision 2018 and 2019: Małgorzata Uściłowska (known as Lanberry).

Lanberry has also participated in the Polish National Final for Eurovision 2017, where she performed “Only Human“:

The runner-up of the 10th season was Daria Reczek

The winner of the 10th season was Alicja Szemplińska:




TVR (The Romanian Broadcaster) is still discussing the mechanism of selecting an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020. Traditionally, Romania has always selected a song and an artist via  “Selecția Națională”. However, Romania didn’t qualify for the Eurovision final two years in a row and therefore a change is considered.




Blas Canto reported that he has almost done to work on the final version of his Eurovision song. The title of the song will be one word in Spanish that is familiar worldwide. May it be: Hola, Amor or Adios?

Blas Cantó




The Swiss Broadcaster SRG SSR organized an internal selection for Eurovision 2020. The Broadcaster has received 515 songs. An audience consists of 100 members and a jury of 20 international music experts judge the songs. Eventually, a decision of 50% audience and 550% international jury will determine who will fly the swiss flag in Eurovision 2020.

The selected artist and song will be published only in March 2020.



Jamala (Eurovision 2016 winner) and Yevhen Filatov will probably not judge in the Ukrainian national selection (Vidbir 2020), while Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko ( Verka Serduchka) will be a judger.

A promo of Vidbir 2020 was published:

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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