Samanta Tīna – “A Story Of A Woman’s Inexorable Power”

Today we have the honor to interview Samanta Tīna that participates in Supernova 2020 – the Latvian national selection for Eurovision 2020.

Who is Samanta Tīna?

Samanta Tīna - Pirmais Sniegs (Latvia NF Supernova 2016 + 2019)

Samanta is a 30 years old Latvian singer and composer. Her main genres are Pop, Dance, and R&B.
The singer is well known for her attempts to represent Latvia and Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Samanta took part in the Latvian selections in the years 2012,2013,2014,2016 and 2019.
In the years 2012-2014, she always finished in Top3 in the super-final.
Last year, she competed with “Cutting The Wire”

Samanta has also participated twice in the Lithuanian selection for Eurovision in the years 2013 and 2017.

This year, Samanta Tīna will compete in “Supernova 2020” with the song “Still Breathing

The Interview

Hi Samanta, welcome to ESCBEAT and thank you for your time.
“Thank you, I’m glad to be here”

Why did you choose to participate in “Supernova 2020”?
“Eurovision is one of my biggest dreams, so to make it happen – here I am”

Tell us about the message behind “Still Breathing? How does it relate to the women empowerment movement?
The official video clip of “Still Breathing” is very artistic and emotional. Can you tell us a bit more about the video and the connection to the song?

“A story of a woman’s inexorable power, drawing attention to society’s stereotypes of women – we must be ideal mothers, wives, mistresses, and successful careerists with big future career plans, sometimes able to be masculine to exist for ourselves, our loved ones and our dreams. At the same time, you must maintain a perfect look and be able to take care of everyone around you too. One big System with a number of obligations that don’t give you discounts! We women don’t have time to stop – We keep breathing and doing. But what really matters most is that we are happy and in love with ourselves, without losing ourselves as a woman, that we find time for ourselves – not as mothers, wives, careerists, but simply as women, whatever our social status, marital status, size, and public stereotypes. Because we can!”

How did the collaboration with Aminata start? How was it to work together?
“Aminata is amazing. We are colleagues on stage! But “Still Breathing” was not specially made for “Supernova” so it was not a kind of plan, we made our collaboration for this one year ago.”

How do you feel about  “Supernova 2020” comparing previous editions of the national selection?
“I can’t wait for it, like always”

Suppose you will represent Latvia in Eurovision 2020, what is your planning to staging?
“A lot of energy and only woman will be on my performance! The stage will be ours”

Samanta Tina and backing vocalits

Eurovision fans know you since your very first attempt in 2012. As an artist, what process did you go through?
“A lot of things have changed in my life! I’m Latvian but with an official place of living in Lithuania!”

What’s your favorite Eurovision song?
“Loreen – “Euphoria” (Sweden Eurovision 2012), Ruslana – “Wild dance” (Ukraine 2004) and more”

What’s your favorite song among the songs that you submitted for national selections?
“I Need A Hero” which I performed in 2013.

What’s your favorite Eurovision song that was sent by Latvia?
“I will never forget our Marie N – I wanna” (Latvia 2003), cause I was a kid and I watched her performance with an opened mouth

Do you plan to release a new album soon? When will it be?
“Yes, off course, like all musicians. When I will hopefully win Supernova, then It would be a perfect time.”

What is your message to the readers of ESCBEAT?
“No fear, no Unconvincing. You are the only one unique example in this world, go and show who you are! I want to thank all of the readers and supporters”

Samanta Tina Black and White

We wish good luck to Samanta Tīna in “Supernova 2020” and sope to see her representing Latvia in Eurovision 2020.

Supernova 2020 Cover

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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